Official vs Bootleg: BINDing Fetish Boy Mao

This figure was an instant PO for me – there isn’t many lewd males out there, so this was a rare opportunity in the male figure department. Even if he is dressed up somewhat feminine. So yeah, this blog is very much NSFW. Lewdness and toys will be on full show.

This bootleg was a bit of a trial to get – had a cancelled order or two, and the one seller I did finally get it from, it took around a month for the seller to dispatch it. Was beginning to believe it didn’t really exist, but I eventually had it in my hands… box and all.


MSRP (without tax): ¥25,000
Price I paid for the official (inc shipping): ¥32,500 (£235.99)
Price I paid for the bootleg (inc shipping): £35.19

The official I bought from Nippon Yasan. Rest in pieces.


First thing that’s notable is the lack of shiny silver print on the bootleg box. And we also have “Legend Creation” emblazoned on the bootleg.
The majority of the box’s design has been recreated on the bootleg, but the artist credits and BINDing logo have been removed. The print quality isn’t as good, so the colours have suffered as a result.
The card of the box is the same ridged type though looking to the box edges we can see the two boxes open differently.

Again, a lack of shiny silver and not-fantastic colour reproduction. “Legend Creation” really want you to know that they made this bootleg, and have added their logo to both sides. We’ll see if they should be proud of this creation later.

Top/end flap:
Yeah, Legend Creation wants you to really know that they bootlegged this… They’ve even added some fake product code here. “Product code” is written in Japanese, but that’s not fooling me. This bootleg hasn’t seen Japan.

Here we can see the bootleg box is a more “standard” box configuration, with the the interlocking flaps. No print here on the bootleg.

Markedly different here! The official box is pretty standard for an official figure. The bootleg is a lot plainer, and yes, another Legend Creation prominently displayed.
The text on the bootleg box is Japanese, and likely stolen from some source or another.
Interestingly, we have a valid GS1 Chinese barcode. I searched Google and a Chinese barcode database for it but there was no hits, so it was probably randomly generated in the valid range. Or it could belong to some random Chinese product that hasn’t been indexed.

Official box opened:
This is how the official box opens up – one of those ones where two of the sides are one giant flap. The bootleg box is boring, and just opens from the top.

So these boxes are easy to tell apart – official mentions BINDing and the other mentions Legend Creation, the sign of unquality. The Chinese barcode on an allegedly Japanese product is also a tell that all isn’t as it seems. The way the box opens is also an obvious tell – opening the official is a ‘grand’ experience with the big flap, whilst the bootleg is an open-and-pull affair.


My official is repacked incorrectly here – he’s supposed to have a penis attached, with the bag around it. See moonstarfc’s photo here. So it should be more or less like the bootleg configuration, only with a bag on his penis.

First thing that is notable is a couple of the accessories are making a break for it on the bootleg – the blister isn’t as tight to keep stuff where it should be. The cushion also lacks a baggie to keep it clean.
The blisters are also notably different colours – the official has a much bluer tint to it.

And it’s not just the accessories making a break for it:
The arms were also rattling around the box. Looking good already.

The bootleg’s upper blister part is a lot shorter – it is only as deep as the figure whilst the official’s halves both extend to the bottom of the box. This makes the official blister a fair bit sturdier.

And on the topic of sturdiness:
The bootleg blister had a large air bubble in the back, to stop it from being crushed in transit. Not sure if this was a manufacturer or store-added addition, but it did protect the blister from collapsing in transit.


Got a few of these to get through…
The official top is shiny and has a good peg for fastening the straps shut. The bootleg… looks like a piece of liquorice, with a tiny nub of a “peg”. The moulding on the bootleg bow is also very poor – came out smaller than the original and messy. Looks more like food than fetishwear in my opinion.

The “shocker”:
Not sure what the proper name of this toy is, so calling it the shocker, seeing as that’s what it gives you 😛
The moulds seem to have come out the same for the official and bootleg of this toy, but the bootleg is a much cloudier plastic.

Tail butt plug:
Not too much difference here – the bootleg is slightly less detailed and has the cloudier blue plastic. Bow is a slightly different shade of pink. The strap for the bow on the bootleg is painted a bit thicker.

If you don’t want any penis, you have the option of only balls. Again, the bootleg looks more licoricey than the official. And we have some foreshadowing here of an issue that’ll come up later.
Not the best photo, but we can see the paint is messier on the bootleg.
Closeup of the bootleg one:
Yeah, some paint was thrown in the vague direction of this piece.

We’ve had some potatoes, now for some meat!
Penis with condom:
Oof, the quality is definitely lacking on the bootleg here. The mould shape has been lost, massive seam, dirt and no shiny finish. The black isn’t transfer from other parts – these photos were taken as I was unboxing the bootleg figure.
A couple of extra angles comparing the condomed penis:
We can see some mould details made it to the bootleg, but not many of them. If the peg wasn’t painted, the bootleg would look like a suspiciously-shaped frozen treat. Without the penis head shape showing properly, the bootleg looks more like a dildo rather than a penis to me.

Bare penis:
And now for two more dubious ice lollies! The bootleg one is much more tan than the official, and also shows the mediocre moulding that the other bootleg parts have.

Looks like the bootleg is actually using tanning lotion. Not too much difference here aside from the colouring.

The tips on both of them look odd to me to be honest. However, the bootleg’s paintjob is sloppier than what was apparently intended.

Phew. That was a lotta accessories.

This figure comes with a cushion to act as a base.
The cushions look very similar – the bootleg is a bit more folded up from transport, and a creamier colour.
Bit more junk in the bootleg’s trunk. The supporting card in the official gives the cushion a more rigid shape.
Looks like they were stitched together similarly. Not much differences to report here – support in the bootleg is a bit off-centre.

Overall, these cushions are very similar and it’d be hard to tell the differences between them unless they’re side-by-side.

Figure spin-around
No back shot, unless you want to see the reverse of the cushion again.
At a glance, you may be fooled, but looking close we see the bootleg looks a little sweaty and I think may have a downstairs infection there. The straps are also noticeably less glossy and don’t fit as well.
Looking from the sides, we can see how the arms don’t fit too well on the bootleg.


First of all, we’ll look at the arms separately – these are removable to allow adding/removing of the strappy vest, so not really accessories.
Top of the right arm:
Not looking too bad from this angle – the bootleg’s thumb paint is a bit blobby, but not overly noticeable. The arm cuff on the bootleg is noticeably more translucent, which loses any pretence of it being fabric.

The nail polish on the bootleg is not very good on this hand, leaving parts of the nail unpainted. And a bunch of black marks.

Side of the arm:
Lots of scuffs on the bootleg, plus a noticeable seam.

Left hand:
Hmm. The fingertips look stubbier than the official’s due to the less pointy nails. The shading is nicer on the official – there’s much more red shading near the bottoms of the fingers. The nail polish isn’t as bad here as it is on the right hand.

Underside of the arm:
And oof, the number of marks on this arm. Came like this in the box.

And the reason why the arms on the bootleg keep falling off:
The official has a hole which a metal connector goes onto. The hole is entirely missing on the bootleg.

Arm connector:
Blergh. The joint on the bootleg is malformed, and lacks the metal pin to add more stability to the join.
We’ve also got a very noticeable seam on the bootleg’s side.

Let’s look at their faces:
The bootleg’s hair is noticeably more “chonky” mould-wise. The bootleg’s face is more tan than the original, and the line around the edge of the mouth is thicker and messier, making the mouth look odd.

Side of the head:
Here we can see the bootleg bow points in a slightly different direction, and the black parts are shinier. With the bootleg’s hair, it has been cast in mostly one piece – this suggest the hair may have been re-cast from an original part, which would potentially explain why all the parts are fatter than they should be. We do have a seamline towards the bottom, instead of the separated strands that the original has.
And that horrible arm joint again…

Bootleg hair closeup:
Mmm, nice. We have this paint mistake. Also we can see the very blobby hair tips here.

Official feature only:
On the official, you can take the head off to assist with assembly/removal. The bootleg’s is glued on.

The heart detail has lost a fair amount of definition on the bootleg. It looks more like a misshapen coin or moon than a heart in my opinion. The bar detail that the pendant is attached to has survived though.

Chest straps:
The official straps frame his nipples nicely, the bootleg straps… not so much. The bootleg straps are slightly lumpier-looking as well as being more matte.

Body with straps:
The skin shading is a bit less distinct on the bootleg, but still looks nice.
What doesn’t look so nice is the paint transfer and the poorly-fitting straps. The bootleg chest straps are loose and not long enough over the shoulders, stopping it from fitting properly.
The right “posing pouch” strap isn’t long enough on the bootleg to reach the hole, and warming the strap won’t let it reach – it would have to be extruded further to reach.

Back with the straps:
The vest doesn’t close on the bootleg properly – no surprises there. Also looseness on the lower strap due it not fastening at all. The upper bootleg bow is noticeably misshapen, however the lower bow is OK. The straps themselves on the bootleg are noticeably thicker.

And if we take the straps off of the bootleg:
That’s a lotta paint transfer. Blergh.

Close-up of the strangely-placed arsehole:
Despite its location, I assume from the shape this is some kind of sphincter. Maybe he has two? I dunno. Last I checked, sphincters are usually found in the arse crack, not just below the balls.
The bootleg’s sphincter is less deep, making it look more like a dimple at this distance. Also it has been painted with a fair amount of orangey paint, making it look sore/infected. Ouchie. The official goes with a much cleaner look.

Front with no straps/accessories:
The bootleg is looking more tan than its official counterpart but still a realistic-looking skin colour, which is more than can be said of some bootlegs. We don’t have the slight suggestion of ribs on the bootleg, which might be a pro for some.
If it wasn’t for the paint transfer, the body of the bootleg actually looks decent.

Crotch attachment hole:
Looking similar on both. Bit of transfer on the bootleg from the posing pouch peg.

Let’s try a penis attachment:
The straps actually fit on the bootleg for this one, but the part at the bottom isn’t long enough to make it look like he’s pulling back the strap. Not posed it properly on the official, but it can be stretched so he’s holding it. It’s a bit of a fussy part to pose.
With the penis itself, the official matches the skin tone of the body, but the bootleg is looking possibly a bit too dark. However, the parts do fit together, which is something.

The straps don’t sit quite right for the bootleg, owing to the bottom strap being a bit short. At least this strap actually fits on though! The bootleg straps are looking less refined than the official, however.
Looking at his bum, we can see some inconsistent finish on the bootleg, where his skin is a bit shiny.

Top of right leg:
From this angle, the legs don’t look too dissimilar – the netting is a decent match and we have his inner knee shaded. Official does have some shading on his ankle.
The frill and shoe is duller on the bootleg, but not particularly noticeable without them being side-by-side.
If we look just above his stocking, the parts don’t quite fit together well on the bootleg.

Closer look at the stocking seam:
It’s a bit messy on the bootleg, but does the job. The netting is a bit less dainty, but not particularly noticeable a difference.

Close-up of the fril:
The bootleg’s is noticeably more opaque, and we can see how the black band isn’t as well cast and produces a noticeable seam due to it.

Top of the foot:
Urgh, that heart bit… fragile on both the bootleg and the official. Official has a bit more of a spike to help it stick in, but I seem to recall I had to repair both the bootleg and official here XD. The silver charm is duller on the bootleg, as well as being blobbier.

Side of the shoe:
Here we can see how the finish on the shoes differ – bootleg is much less shiny. The bootleg’s sole is a more contrasting shade of black, but looks fine in my opinion. What’s less fine is the anklet…

Back view:
Yeah, it doesn’t even join up on the bootleg. Not a good look, and not quite sure what happened there. Official attaches nicely to the back of the shoe.


Overall, this is far from the worst bootleg I’ve looked at – the main body of the figure is mostly fine though the chance of paint transfers is high – with the poorly-fitting arms and inferior paints being used on the black parts causing them to transfer easily. Despite the main body of the figure being passable, the strappy accessories leave much to be desired – none of them fit properly, and prone to transferring black paint to the figure.
The worst part of this bootleg is the arms – they constantly fall off, and you can’t glue them on, unless you’re happy to never change up his straps.
As far as telling this figure apart from the official, the box is a big clue. Without the box, poorly-fitting accessories may give it away, or the unrefined hair. Close-ups of the charms will also give away the poor casting.
If you’re negotiating with a seller who’ll take a photo for you, the arm joints will give it away – if there’s no metal peg, no sale.