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Devil & Butt-head gachapon

So… going to classify today’s blog items as “misbehaving”. Because why not. 

First up, Butthead from Beavis and Butt-head:


Had to get a gacha from this machine, seeing as I felt it was a very random thing to be producing gacha for in this day and age… The hair is nicely shaded and sculpted, and the face looks good. Rest of him… does the job. He’s on half a sofa, as Beavis comes with the other half, but I didn’t feel like buying any others of this set. 

Other angles:


Looks decent from the other angles imo. With the side of the couch painted, it doesn’t look too distracting for being one half.

Next up, a devil:


This one I got from a gacha shop rather than a machine. They were selling him for his RRP, so hey, that’s good with me. I like the overall design, though it would’ve been nice if his wing claws were black, Even for a gacha, this guy was cheap though, lol. His main design flaw is he’s hard to stand up – has a habit of rolling over, despite having his loincloth designed to help him stand. As he ain’t standing on his feet. 


Here we can see how he sits on his loincloth. After bending it a bit, he did stand up a bit easier. Neck looks a bit too thick from this angle.


He has some texture moulded into his wings, so isn’t entirely plain here. Overall, an OK gacha, but nothing special.