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Crash Bandicoot – Totaku

Here’s Crash Bandicoot… from Crash Bandicoot. In Totaku form:

These figures are kind of cheaper collectables, but they are pretty small… which kind of negates the price point imo. So let’s see how this dude stacks up… 

First thing that stands out is his bright orange colour, which is accurate to his in-game appearance. I also like his base – the sandy coloured base works well, and I like the paint effect on it.

Face close-up:

His eyes are neat for the most part, as well as the eyebrows. Brown paint on his muzzle escapes his top lip a bit though. The light orange fur patch is painted neatly on this side, but less so on the other. The gloves are also painted well. So some minor flaws, but nothing too annoying. 


I like the way the fur texture is throughout his body, and does have some natural-type patterns to the direction of the fur. His shoes look good and the wite seems neat for the most part, and so are his gloves.

His jeans seem to be sculpted OK, but are darker than they should be imo. Doesn’t bother me much as I never played the games, so I don’t really notice the inaccuracy, but looking at other pictures of him, they upper part should really be a lighter colour. 


Love the nose and the expression. This side looks good for the most part, but we do see where the brown paint escaped his muzzle somewhat. Shading in his ear is nice though. 


Bit of a plaint fleck on mine, near his left shoulder. However, the texture work is nice, only issue back here imo (other than the fleck) is them pants being too dark blue. 

Overall, it’s decent for a small figure. The paintwork is pretty decent for the most part, but not free of flaws. For the price they retail in the UK, I think they’re slightly overprice, but GAME has often been doing deals on these, so you may be able to pick them up for a more reasonable price. Not entirely sure if he’s worth the £10 I paid, but I think he’s a fairly decent figure. 

Crash Bandicoot – First 4 Figures

This figure I came across on a work trip…. then had to use my best Tetris skills to fit it into my luggage… being an EasyJet flight, I only had the one case to work with… but I did it! 

So here he is:

I love the clean line and bold colours. Certainly a figure that will stand out on most shelves. The painting is neat, and I love the sculpted tongue. 

Face close-up:

I like the way they’ve blended some yellow paint around his mouth, to add some shading to his fur. He also has super-shiny eyes to contrast with his skin. 


He looks good from the side, even with the cartoonish proportions. I think they’ve done a good job with his body shape. 


Looks good from this side, though you can see a seam on the side of his body. Looks a little odd, but not hugely noticeable. His shoes look good and are neatly painted.


From the back, you can appreciate the fur texture he has. They’ve also painted a light orange area on his back, so it isn’t totally plain back here. His gloves look good – the straps are well sculpted, and there’s edging around the edges, on the fingers. He’s got a couple of creases in his trousers too, which adds to the detail. 


Sadly you can’t see much of the logo, but what’s visible is printed crisply and looks good. 

Overall, I’m really happy I managed to get him home in one piece. I love the colours and the pose, and would recommend this figure to a fan of the series.