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Expelled From Paradise “Figgy” Figure Set

This is a set of 6 small figures based on characters from Expelled from Paradise, though it’s mostly Angela Balzac. I’ve not seen Expelled from Paradise (I should fix that really…) but I really like Angela’s look. This set of figures was made by Aniplex, and saw a limited release, though at the time of writing, Mandarake do have a few sets, which is where I bought them. 

For small figures, they were pricey, but the quality I feel justifies the price. 

First up:

This was the one that attracted me to the set – I found her pose funny. She’s designed to flop over a glass edge, or similar. Currently I have her propped on this piece of paper, though I may find her something transparent to “flop” over. 

Her backside:

Painting on this side is a little out-of-place on this side, but these things are tiny so it’s not a surprise they’re not perfect. She’s roughly 5cm/1.8in big, for scale. 

Here she is from the side:

I find her well-painted for the most part, and the colours are nice and vivid.

Kneeling Angela:

She really should have something for her hands to perch on, otherwise she sits sideways like this. I’ve seen a picture of her resting on a cup handle, and that worked well. Hm, maybe I need to get one of those glass espresso/tea cups. 

From the back:

Bit of missing paint there on the right leg… didn’t notice that until doing this blog XD. Her backside looks good though. On closer inspection, I’m not sure what’s gone on with the paint on the left disc. Oops. 

From the top:

Her back and hair look nice. Some of the green isn’t quite where it’s supposed to be on the clips, if you inspect her closely. Her back is nicely done though, and her hair. 

“Standing” Angela:

She’s designed to rest on the edge of a glass,but currently I have her propped up on some white tack so she stands up. I like the way these figures smile. 


Her hair is nice, again, the green isn’t quite sure where it wants to be on her clips. Legs are painted well, along with her back. 

Now for Angela in a different outfit:

At first, I wasn’t sure this was her, from the change in hair tone, but My Figure Collection tells me that, yes this is Angela. Nice to have a different outfit & pose, and this one is well-sculpted – the sculpting in this set is really good. 


Her shapely backside, and hair. All looking nice. 

More front-on shot to show off her swimsuit:

I like the holes design, and they have rendered it well.

From the top:

Hair seam, but that’s to be expected. He hairband is painted well, and the sculpting of her body shape is nice. 

Now for the two figures that aren’t Balzac! First we have Dingo:

The quality of the paint on this guy impressed me when I got him out of the box. There’s a lot of small details painted on him. Here we can see the details on the guitar, and the details of the sculpt in his trousers and shirt. 

On the end of the guitar, we have a small part painted, and we have his holstered gun, which also helps him stay sat upright. Here we can also see the ripples moulded in his waistcoat. 

From the back:

Here we can admire the sculpt of his hair, and the waistcoat buttons that have been painted well. They’ve also snuck the copyright notice onto the back of his guitar, which stops it from detracting from the figure. I really like this figure of the set. 

And lastly, Frontier Setter:

He’s a bit “drunk”. Need to sort that out. His paint is more straightforward than the others, but nicely done. He has an “action” pose, which is nice. Not much action, but more interesting than just standing there. 


Bit of paint slop on the left leg there, but otherwise OK I think.


Looks good from this angle, got some small dots painted on the wheels for the axles. Looks like a good sculpt. 

Overall, I like these figures – not sure if they stand up to close scrutiny, but they’re a nice set of fun figures, if you want something small to prop on a glass or sneak into a display somewhere. The paint flaws imo are much more visible in these close-ups than they are in real life, due to their size. In price, they’re about as much as a Titan Vinyl, or similar blind-box figure. I’d much rather have these!