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Classic Archer – Archer

Here’s a bit of a fun figure… Archer being Classic Archer:

When I found this figure existed, I had to get it. It’s not the fanciest of figures, being on par with a trading figure, but the pose really makes it. 

For the paint, what’s there is painted neatly, but there isn’t any shading. Might’ve been nice to have some shading on his jacket, so it wasn’t so flat and grey. Unfortunately mine has a bit of a scrape on the knee, but I did buy this secondhand, so this may’ve been the previous owner. Being flat-shaded though, it’ll probably be easier to fix if I do. 


I can hear him glugging down his drink, whilst he’s making Mallory wait… This figure is certainly posed well. I like the fact they’ve sculpted texture on his hair, and the seam is mostly smoothed out on his side. The bottle also has some good decals on it, which look good. 


I, uh, focused on his leg? Though there isn’t too much more to see here than the other side – seam appears blended, and the paint is neat. Here we can see the bottle is semitransparent, which is a nice touch. 


Some little nods to fabric creasing at his shoulder and elbow. His shoes have the soles sculpted, which is a nice touch. Fairly plain back here though. 

Overall, I’m pleased with this figure. The paintwork might not be overly complex, but being a cartoon character, this isn’t super-necessary. What’s there is neat, which is more important imo. This figure is really good in the posing and the sculpting, which is what sells this figure. The iconic pose works well, and I think this is a good collectable for an Archer fan.