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Flamebound Myr – Puzzle & Dragons

Decided to complete my set of Myrs by buying the Flamebound version. So here she is:


This time I remembered to take a pic with her backdrop :P. So now you can see how she is pointing at the clock in the background. 

Here she is without the backdrop:


I love the shiny burgundy colour of her dress, the shading in her hair and horns. 

Close-up of her face:

Her face is nice, and I love the red eyes. I do wish the bows had more contrast to the rest of her – they kind of blend in too much for me.

Arm close-up:

The sculptwork is nice in her hand/arm, and a bit of subtle shading on where her arm transitions to skin. 

Staff close-up:

Same design as the other one, but this time the staff was in her hand out of the box, instead of wrapped up separately. 

Tail side close-up:

Tail looking nice, but here you can see where the black paint is a bit off on the “boot” ribbon. 


She looks very nice from this angle. Love the way the dress flows, and the detail on her upper arm. The straps around her “boots” is tied nicely.  Her tail is nice, and you can see a small ribbon she has at the end of her tail.


Looks OK on this side, but the seam in her dress is pretty obvious. Not a big fan of that. 

Close-up of her dress:

Yeah, that seam… isn’t great. Because it runs across the ripples of her dress, and her dress being a plain and shiny colour makes it stand out. 


Has the same downside as the other, with the huge base hole in her back. Kinda wish they provided a plug for this or made it smaller, but this is a prize figure. Does mean she doesn’t wobble about much, with such a large pole though. Her skin and the red colours contrast well imo. 

Close-up of the back of her head:

Ah, hmmm… some blobby paint back here in her hair. Bit of a shame. Her collar is nice though, along with her horns. 

Close-up of the tail from the back:

Some lovely shading and sculpting here. I do rather like her tail. 

Overall, I like this figure, but isn’t my favourite of the three. It is a repaint of the Illusionless version, which does partially detract from it. I do love the shiny burgundy, but the rest of her outfit doesn’t really contrast or compliment this well for me. Also the blobby hair. I don’t think this is a bad figure, just less attractive than the other two for me. Unless you want both colours of this one, I’d recommend picking whichever colour scheme appeals and go with that one. 

Illusionless Time Dragonbound, Myr

After receiving the previous Myr, I decided I need more Myr. So… more Myr!

The simpleness of the dress with the small details make this a striking figre. She’s supposed to be motioning to her backdrop… but this was in her box at the time of taking pictures. I love her expression and the orange ribbons on her dress. And one feature prize figures frequently don’t have: shading in her hair! 

Close-up of her face:

Some lovely, small details in her bows and lipstick. I like her blue eyes too. Hair lacks the definition a scale would usually have, but the shading makes it look the part. The horns also have eye-catching shapes, as well as being shiny. 

Here she is, more angled on the stand:

I think she is designed to be displayed at roughly this angle. but not so good for photographs to show her details. The lower half of her dress flows well over the empty part of the stand, and definitely looks like it was designed to be seen at this angle. I like the way there are cuts in the side of the dress, so you can see some of her, and her lithe body. It is a pretty outfit. The range of finishes on this figure work really well too. 

Let’s take a closer look at that staff:

Tiny scratch on mine. Mostly looks the part, but close up, you can see how flat it is – not sure it’s really like this in the artwork, so I suspect they flattened it for the sake of quality – making it rounded would be prone to more flaws, as well as being more difficult to manufacture. From a distance, it looks fine. 

Left side:

Here we can see her revealed skin. Some amount of detail has gone into sculpting her hand. Her tail looks good, and the lines painted well on the ribbon that’s on there. Love the amount of detail that’s gone into the ribbon and cloth “boot” she’s wearing on this side.Also you can see her ear poking out from her hair, which is a nice detail.

Right side:

Here, she’s less revealed. You can see the seams in the dress,the upper one is pretty neatly done, the lower one about average. I think she’s saying “that camera? I’m gonna destroy it if you keep pointing it at me…”. Uh, please don’t, I’m nearly through with this review, I swear!


The ripples on the dress are continued around to the back. Her wings are nicely detailed on the back, and catch the light well. Here you can see where her hair is darker towards the bottom – nice that they continued the shading all the way around. 

Let’s get a closer look at those horns and wings:

Some paint shading in the horns, which is a nice touch. And those wings are looking small but amazing. 

So… what if we don’t want a great big massive stand in her back?

Erm, er well…. Not too attractive! But we can get a better look at her tail like this. I find it interesting they’ve joined the tail far higher up than most creatures have a tail. We can also admire the neat painting they’ve done  on her tail ribbon. It’s kind of a shame they went for a back stand, as she looks really good from this angle too – would’ve been nicer to have a stand that maybe went under her dress or a clear claw stand. Foot pegs may’ve worked, but even if they were clear, she probably wouldn’t look like she was floating, which is the look they were going for. Ah well, can’t have everything.

Also she doesn’t work too well without a stand from the front:

You can lean her so she stands, but she’s looking down. You could get away with doing this, if you displayed her on a high-up shelf, but really she’s designed to be displayed with the stand. 

Really pleased with this figure – Eikoh has done a really good job with it. Would recommend it if you like what you see. 

Puzzle & Dragons – Abiding Sniper Dragonbound, Myr

I ended up staring at the Eikoh prize on Mandarke again, and couldn’t resist buying this one:

Unfortunately there are a couple of scrapes on her hair, but the rest of her is OK. The plastic backdrop slots into the stand, but because it was rolled up in the box, it curls inwards. Not a big fan of it, so I’ll display her without it, but it is nicely printed if you like it – just be prepared to store it under some books for awhile to get it flattened! 

Here she is without the sheet:

I love the use of colour in this character, and she’s got lots of shiny bits! The pearly coat is a lovely colour and sheen. She has a few bows on her outfit, which helps her look fancier. 

Left side:

Here we can see her tail, done in copper and bronze, and her clawed feet. The balloon she wields in her left hand is also well done. 


Here she is, leaning forward, wielding her supersoaker. I love the way it’s a water gun, rather than gun-gun. You can also see the lovely blend of copper and could on the underside of her wing. I do rather like her outfit too. 


The lovely pearlescent finish on her coat is very much visible here, along with the detail in the coat, where she’s got ribbon parts in the gaps. I love these little additions. The wings are also striking, have a good amount of detail on the back. 

Her back:

Here you can fully admire her wings :). The paint blend is really nice, along with the shininess. Also she has her tail flicking out – I really like the tail too. 

Now for some detail shots. Let’s get a close-up of her gun:

Cute, threatening, and watery. The pump bit seems a bit bent, but that’s likely fixable. Here we notice she’s also got gold hands. 

The balloon:

Nicely painted and moulded, plus she has some quite detailed cuffs, to offset the plain fabric of her coat. She has some copper claws on these fingers. Here you can also see where the ribbons weren’t painted quite right – both sets of ribbons are painted a bit sloppily. 

Here’s a close-up of the ribbons on the right side:

I love this as a detail, shame the orange paint didn’t quite go right. 

Close-up of her foot:

Nice set of dragon feet :). Not sure if she needed a size bigger sandals, but it does mean her claws aren’t confined by the shoe. 

Back of horns:

Lovely colouring here. 


Love the way these shine, along with the coat. Also here you can see her coat has a hood, should she wish to use it. 

Warning: pantsu. 

Here’s how the tail attaches to her backside:

That’s some precision tailoring :P. Though pretty much what I expected for a prize figure. Here you can see the nice moulding and painting that went into the tail. 

I really like this figure, and it’s a shame that there are a couple of marks on her hair. One isn’t so bad, but the other is minorly distracting. I’ll just pretend they’re both hair highlights. Well worth buying for me, even though I’m unlikely to ever play Puzzle & Dragons.