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Suzune Arizono – Kiseijyui Suzune – Questioners

This figure is now my largest scale figure – at 1/3.5 scale. Bit of an interesting choice there, but hey. I bought this figure from someone on MFC.

So here she is:

She’s immediately striking from her pose and size. She isn’t too tall as a figure, due to her kneeling pose. There’s no hiding her chest, lol. 

Close-up of her face:

Her face feels a bit doll-like to me, and looks a little odd. Doesn’t help her eyes feel a little flat. She does have painted lips though, and I think her mouth looks good. Her hair is nicely shaded, and the strands sculpted well. The buckles on her collar are also painted and sculpted well.


Looking at her from the side reveals she’s leaning backwards somewhat. The arm looks somewhat unnatural from this angle. The colours in her hair show up well from this angle too.


I think she looks more attractive from this side than the other. Her arms look less odd from this side, and we can see her body better. I like the amount of details that have gone into her clothes, especially considering she’s a cast-off. The seam-lines have been done in realistic places, and she has wrinkles in her skirt and top.


Here we can see the buckle that holds her top on. I like the way her boot is folded over where she is leaning on it. I think her spine crease is a bit severe, but her shoulder bones are sculpted well.


Yep, you read that right. She has this frog keeping things… kind of SFW? This frog doesn’t detach, but if you’re buying this figure, I’d ask why you would even want to, as it’s a highlight of the figure.

The clothed option I’d say is a viable one. Also, once you’ve sussed how to cast her on and off, it is reasonably easy to do.

Here are her clothes:

As we can see, they’re reasonably detailed and well-painted, in the small spots that have paint. But they’re rather the dust magnet, for being black.

To cast off her skirt, we separate her:

The upper half also has her collar off in the upper picture – this is how her top comes off. This collar can then be placed back on the figure, to mostly hide where her top comes off. The lug between the upper and lower halves is big, giving it a good, solid connection. It fits tightly, but not so tight that you can’t wiggle it out by hand.

So here she is, reassembled:

Her pose comes across as powerful and confident. I love the sculpting around her stomach area. Without the chest covering parts, her clothes become a small halter-top and a strap around her midriff. The gap does kind of show where the cups attach into the collar – that isn’t too well hidden.

Close-up of her chest:

She has a nice pair of nipples. She’s large-chested, but doesn’t feel ridiculous. They’ve managed to keep them to a nice shape, that isn’t reminiscent of balloons. 


The frog is very nicely painted, and has a good amount of shading. I love the way his tongue is reaching up across her stomach, and he is in a good clinging pose. Some people have detached the frog from this figure, and apparently it isn’t detailed and sculpted underneath – things are pretty much frog-shaped, so I wouldn’t be tempted to do that. 

Frog eye:

Here you can see the way she’s shaped to the frog. Here we can see the frog is lighter on the bottom than the top, and its eye. Eye isn’t very detailed, but does the job. 


She looks nice from the side, apart from that arm still looks odd 😛


Here you get a good look at the side of her chest, and a bit of her backside. That’s one pointy nipple.


She has a nicely sculpted ass. I think she looks really good from the back, when cast-off. 

Close-up of her boots:

Love the distinct tread in her boots. 

Boot side:

The boots are very nicely detailed – the buckles are really nice, and the boot not being fully tight gives it extra detail 

Left glove:

Her gloves are nice too, and look leathery. Plus there are some nice seam-lines on them, adding to the detail. However, looking close you can see where some paint has gone stray. She’s also got delicately painted nails, adding to the detail.

Overall I really like this figure. Despite being a larger scale than anything I own, she fits on a Detolf shelf quite well, due to her pose. Was a bit worried she’d be too big to fit anywhere, but was glad to find that was not the case. I think her body shape and the unique frog aspect make this a really good figure and one I’m very pleased to have in my collection. Would recommend this figure if you don’t mind the relatively minor flaws with it, if you can get hold of it. Might not be easy to do that.