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Smile Slimes! – Dragon Quest

Here are a couple of Smile Slime items. I’ve not played Dragon Quest, but I have a soft spot for these squishy fellows.

First up, a magnet set:

Their cute faces have been done well, and I love the translucent effect.


These flat backs stick to surfaces well. Have had them stuck to various radiators in the house, plus they just about fit on the Detolf handles. My favourite one is a tie between the purple one (on account of being purple) or the blue one, as the colours fit well together… and it’s the traditional colours. 

I also had a go at a Dragon Quest gacha and got this fellow:

He’s made of a soft, smooth rubber, and is air-filled. Was quite strange picking him up for the first time! Not quite what I expected. 


Nothin’ much to see here. Not sure what you’d expect, really. 

Overall, an OK gacha. Still undecided if I like the fact he’s air-filled or not – at least if he does burst, he won’t make a mess. 

So keep smilin’ and slimin’ out there!