WSM Comic Con – Yamato Intron Depot figures

So for these… initially picked one of them up, asked how much it was, expecting it to be something that I’d maybe buy one or two of them for. In the end, I picked up all but one, and paid for those to start with. Wasn’t so interested in the 6th – the silver octopus dude – but he let me have it for cheap, and in the process I realised I bought an entire set… so that’s a rarity for me! An entire set of something!

Here they are in all their boxes:


Some of the boxes were certainly the worse for wear, but they were all still sealed. 

And here they all are outta the boxes:


When I was adding them to MFC, I realised that the catlike one is the “special” gold version, and not the one on the packet XD. Initially I thought it was just inaccurate box art, but nope, ‘tis the unadvertised version… so technically still one away from a set 😛