Box o’ Random Part 2

So let’s start with the stuff from series I’ve watched/know about.

First up is a Sheryl Nome gacha figure (she’s from Macross):


I was considering buying this gacha figure on eBay at one point, think i was looking at an auction for this and some other Macross figures. She isn’t in pristine figure, but I don’t think the marks show up quite as clearly irl. Was a mild pain to put together with no instructions, but worth it :). 

Next, a Nanoha Nendoroid Petit:


This one even came with the instructions! No box though. Her arms are a bit odd, and she doesn’t hold the weapon terribly well, so I can see why someone would want to trade this one in… but she’s still cute and lookin’ awesome, so decided to have her balance her weapon on her arm, instead of hold it 2-handed. 

Alicia Testarossa, also from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha:


Never watched the series, but I do like the character designs. Have a feeling I wouldn’t be a fan of the show, but I’ll probably watch some of it at some point, as it seems pretty prevalent in the anime community. 

Tiiiny little Vocaloid figure of Kagamine Len:


This teensy dude is about 3cm tall, and is sat on top of one of my monitors. Looks far nicer than the Poundland fodder he replaced (a Predasaur). 

Shana from Shakugan no Shana:


Keep running into stuff from this series, but never consumed any of the media from it. Maybe I should put the anime on my to-watch list, lol. 

And now a character from Bakemonogatari, another series I keep running into merch for, but haven’t researched/watched:


Love this little figure, nice and brightly coloured, with the autumnal theme. Her name is Sengoku Nadeko. Nearly thought she was just a “box remnant”, what with having no feet, until I found the base. 

And here’s two things from an anime I’ve never heard of, that’s called “My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute”.

This is a character called Gokou Ruri, sat on a character called Comet-Kun:


… probably should have dusted it a bit before taking that pic.

And this is a character called Makishima Saori:


The first one I like, the second one is… OK. And that concludes this part of the box o’ random. Some nice selections of smaller stuff here, enough to be deffo not disappointed by this box.