Abraham “Abe” Sapien

This was one of the three figures in my first purchase at Horror Con in Birmingham. I wasn’t planning on going, but my husband saw one of his friends was exhibiting his books there, so we went for an impromptu visit :D. So I ended up spending most of my November budget in October… oops. 

Second to robotic things, I like amphibious things. I love Abe’s design and colour. Unfortunately it looks like he got a little too close to Hellboy in the factory and he has a dot of red paint on his right arm – is visible in the above picture. 

He also has some nice finnage going on:

The belt is an extra – he has a belt to go on his belt XD. 

And here he is saying hi with all his gear on:

The rebreather collar snaps on satisfyingly, and stays shut, though I’ll display him with his gearless head, as per the first pic. The other head has found its home on a twist-on wire connector (Americans are probably more familiar with these). that lives on top of my monitor. 

He also came with a baby Sammael:

Aww, cute :P.