Variable Action Heroes Devilman

After last month’s overspend, I have decided to dial back somewhat this month and this was ‘the purchase’. Was thinking of buying a bunch of Devilman stuff off Mandarake, but found this for a good price on Amazon, and shipped within the EU, so no import duty either :D. 

He’s an awesome-looking dude, and his body has much poseablity, which makes him a fun figure. Here’s his wings and tail, which come detached in the box:

He also has another pair of hands as fists, but haven’t used these – much prefer the claws. Here’s his back showing the attachment of the wings:

They’re on a ball joint at the bottom, giving some poseability, but sadly, not a lot. There’s also a hinge at the “elbow” of his wings so you can do silly things like this:

Largely, this joint isn’t particularly useful for posing imo, but… it’s there. Sadly on one side, it doesn’t allow you put the wing “together” properly, which I’ve seen on other people’s pics of him. Here’s a pic showing that:

Here’s him from the side, after I managed to get him “flying” on my spare PAK stand:

And standing is by far the hardest thing he does! Even with the PAK stand, he’s a bitch to get standing and stay standing, due to the wing weight. If you wished to display him wingless, you’d probably have a much easier time of it… but man… those wings. The above shot also shows an annoying flaw with mine – one wing has a bit of purple paint smear :(. Seeing as I bought it from a reseller, it’s not really worth the faff of seeing if they’ll do anything about it tbh. 

Other than that, he’s really well painted, and has a very striking appearance. He has a lot of flexibility in his joints, though I’d wish for a bit of redesign in the wings to allow them to flex more. His middle might have one too many joints – wouldn’t mind getting rid of the bottom one so he doesn’t keep trying to hip-thrust! 

All in all, I think he was a good purchase, and I’m pleased to have him :).