Bad Taste Bears – Rustle & Henry

Bought this pair from a seller on eBay. 

First up, Rustle:


I remember seeing this one when I was younger, and wanting it for no real reason. At the time I was living at home, and would have never got away with it. Now I’m older, the bears don’t seem to be as controversial to me as I thought they were at the time. They’re also well made imo, 

Here is a side shot:


Definitely looks like he’s having a good rustle from this angle!

And the back:


Not much to say about this angle – has all the detail you’d expect. 

Next up, Henry:


Not quite a Henry hoover, but I’m thinking the lawyers would have something to say if it was. Certainly seems happy with his vacuum cleaner, even if it doesn’t share his name. Love the face given to the vacuum. 

Shot of the back:


Again, not much to say here. Fur texture’s nicely done.

Couldn’t resist another couple of these cheeky bears, and they also have a strange nostalgic element to me. I got them pretty cheap, and I’m happy with my purchases.