Harley Quinn – Mattel ver

In all the B&Ms I’ve visited thus far, I’ve only ever seen the true peg-warmer figures of this set. Recently they were reduced to £5, but I still wasn’t interested in picking up the “meh” characters.

Then I visited Salisbury, and they happened to have just the one Harley! Whilst I didn’t like the Suicide Squad movie, I do love Harley’s look in it. 

For me, all the figures  look a little on the tubby side, but she is a bit in the movies. The figures just seem to emphasise it. This figure does have some paint flaws, but I had a choice of… this one or this one. Her left leg is also a bit gappy – not sure if I can fix that. 

Shot so you can see the bat:

To me, the bat feels too long, and looking at pics, it is too long. Though it is probably painted better than the figure, lol. I’m guessing the bat was recycled from some other figure, as it should only be as long as the writing on it. 

The sculpt isn’t super-detailed, but seems to have the important bits represented. If it wasn’t for the bits of stray paint, it’s not a bad paint job. Don’t think the figure would have been worth full price, but I have got my fiver’s worth. 

Left of Harley:

Looks OK, nothing particularly out of place, red circles on her arm give her a bit of a cheap feel. 

Right of Harley:

To me, this side seems a bit better, but there’s not a lot in it.

Her back:

Hair ends a bit flat, but she’s complete from this side. Having the clasp on her choker is a nice touch, and the straps for her holsters are nicely detailed. Is some very noticeable slop on her left boot though, from the leg paint. 

Overall, it’s not a bad figure, but it definitely has a “toy” feel to it. Kind of surprised that some of the less peg-warm-y figures didn’t hit the cheapo stores, but that’s probably due to a lack of other figures in the cheaper end being available. Maybe if the MAFEX/Figurarts ones were more available here, there may have been more that made it to the cheapo aisles. She’s an OK figure, but I wouldn’t recommend paying over the odds for her.