Nagisa Kaworu – G.E.M

Had my eye on this figure, then it unexpectedly came up for sale on MFC for a good price, so I had to nab him. Can’t have too much Kaworu:


Tall, lanky bugger – hopefully he’ll fit on your screen 😛

Love the shininess they’ve given him, and his hair has a good amount of shading. The red of the smaller parts of his figure has been used as an accent colour, which works well.

Left side:


A good use of different finishes in evidence here, plus the unique shape of the stand to get him into the chosen pose. Is a very minimal stand, but does make a statement. 

Right side:


Still shiny!



A nice bum, but not quite as nice as the one on the FREEing figure. Nothing to complain about here.

He’s a very striking figure, and a good one to have in an Evangelion collection. He has a simple appearance, but there is a decent amount of detail in there, if you’re looking at it. I think I slightly prefer the FREEing one over this one, but I still like him a lot.