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Kaworu Nagisa – Evangelion

Time to get back to a Japanese figure, and what better than Evangelion?

Here we have Kaworu Nagisa, in prize figure form:

Lookin’ tall as Kaworu does. I like his pose, and feel it suits him well. I also like his plugsuit, as they’ve given it a good amount of depth. With the way this figure has been designed, the parts of the figure have nice, crisp lines. I like the clear base for its neutralness. 


The hair is well-sculpted and his face is decent. 


He’s leaning forward slightly, which adds to his pose. I love the slender body shape, and the hair looks decently detailed from this side too.


There’s some good detailing on his arm – the upper light-blue part has some good sculpting details to it, along with the grey parts. His backside has a nice shape to it from this side too.


Hair also looks good from the back, and his backpack looks the part, and the print is well done here. His body feels slender, without being overly so, with some shape to his backside… very form fitting suit :P. Love the finish on the darker parts of the suit. 


The base features a logo to say it reflects his 3.0 design. The shape of the base is mildly eye-catching, being a bit different than usual. For me, I’d prefer the base to be a little less tall, as he’s a fairly tall figure as-is.  

Overall, I’m happy with this figure, and am happy to add him to my army of Kaworus. Looking up close, you can see some of the hallmarks of a prize figure, but overall I think he’s a decent quality and would recommend. 

Kaworu Nagisa – Evangelion – Deformation Mini

Hm, it’s been a couple of days without Evangelion figures… let’s have another!

This time Kaworu:

This guy I bought loose at a Hobby Off. Not sure “cute” goes with Kaworu, but… he does look good cute! The hair has some purplish shading, which adds some depth. He’s been painted neatly, and the colours look good.


The purple shading continues on this side, and we have a couple of those stylised shine spots. He also has a bit of hair sticking up. 


More fancy shiny spots. His sleeve looking somewhat solid.. His hands don’t have much detail, but do the job. Hair seam trying to show itself on this side. I like the way his hair is spiky at the bottom. 


Hair looks OK from the back, and has a decent amount of shape to it. Back is painted well too. 

The stand itself isn’t anything too special and mostly does the job. He can be quite easy to knock out of the stand, or simply fall over. He’s not the worst for it, but it does look like the previous owner had that issue too, as there is a paint transfer on the base from his foot. 

Overall, he’s a decent little chibi imo. Would recommend if you want chibi Kaworu. And you know you do 😛

Nagisa Kaworu – Evangelion – Gacahpon

This was from the same set as the Rei from yesterday:

His shirt has the same plasticy finish as Rei’s, but it’s more apparent as he has more shirt showing. Main finish issue for me though is his trousers – almost looks as if he’s wearing PVC pants due to the shininess. Hair sculpt is pretty decent, but his shirt is overly orange. Could’ve done with a slightly less bright paint here.


Hair is a bit rough, but that’s kind of to be expected by gacha figures. The moulding is nice though, and his face looks decent. 


Paint looks tidy, and the pose looks good. His hands go neatly into his pockets too. 


Hair also looks good from this side, creases in his clothes have been moulded nicely. 


Everything seems to be finished off nicely on this side. Belt and paint is neat. The texture on his trousers almost looks better on this side than the front, as it is less shiny. Shirt still looks like it’s made out of a thick binbag or something though.

Overall I’m happy with Kaworu, and both of these gacha figures. Glad I found the machine :). Just wish I didn’t get a double of each! Would’ve possibly tried my luck some more, had I more change at the time. Ah well. Happy with the two I did get!

Nagisa Kaworu – G.E.M

Had my eye on this figure, then it unexpectedly came up for sale on MFC for a good price, so I had to nab him. Can’t have too much Kaworu:


Tall, lanky bugger – hopefully he’ll fit on your screen 😛

Love the shininess they’ve given him, and his hair has a good amount of shading. The red of the smaller parts of his figure has been used as an accent colour, which works well.

Left side:


A good use of different finishes in evidence here, plus the unique shape of the stand to get him into the chosen pose. Is a very minimal stand, but does make a statement. 

Right side:


Still shiny!



A nice bum, but not quite as nice as the one on the FREEing figure. Nothing to complain about here.

He’s a very striking figure, and a good one to have in an Evangelion collection. He has a simple appearance, but there is a decent amount of detail in there, if you’re looking at it. I think I slightly prefer the FREEing one over this one, but I still like him a lot.