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Nagisa Kaworu – Chibi Plugsuit – Evangelion

Just a small figure for today, a li’l chibi Kaworu:

Got him in a shop in the UK, who sells a few small anime collectables. I like the light shading in his hair, and the facts he’s in his plugsuit. Not sure if the face entirely fits him, but I’ll mildly let it off for being a chibi. 


Here we see he has a painted ring shine, which I’m not a massive fan of. I like the sculpt of the hair though, and the plugsuit looks decent from the side.


Again, more shine, and a li’l tuft of hair at the top for added cuteness. Hair mould lines are mostly blended in, giving the hair a “finished” feel. Plugsuit is also neatly painted on this side, and I like the fact his ears have been sculpted and are poking out of his hair. 


Looks OK from the back, but the stand does rather hide him. With the stand going most of the way up his hair, it’s pretty distracting, if you want to look at him from the back. Also he has a nasty habit of pinging out of the stand when you move him, which I don’t like. Kinda wish it was lower down somehow, or he had a body stand. With a poke-in-the-back stand you do lose some design, but they do tend to hold figures better than these claw stands. 

Overall, he’s an OK chibi, but I’m not sure how much it really captures Kaworu, though this is based on his Evangelion@School appearance rather than the show. Wish the stand would hold him better than it does, but it is functional if you leave him be. 

Kaworu Nagisa – Evangelion – Deformation Mini

Hm, it’s been a couple of days without Evangelion figures… let’s have another!

This time Kaworu:

This guy I bought loose at a Hobby Off. Not sure “cute” goes with Kaworu, but… he does look good cute! The hair has some purplish shading, which adds some depth. He’s been painted neatly, and the colours look good.


The purple shading continues on this side, and we have a couple of those stylised shine spots. He also has a bit of hair sticking up. 


More fancy shiny spots. His sleeve looking somewhat solid.. His hands don’t have much detail, but do the job. Hair seam trying to show itself on this side. I like the way his hair is spiky at the bottom. 


Hair looks OK from the back, and has a decent amount of shape to it. Back is painted well too. 

The stand itself isn’t anything too special and mostly does the job. He can be quite easy to knock out of the stand, or simply fall over. He’s not the worst for it, but it does look like the previous owner had that issue too, as there is a paint transfer on the base from his foot. 

Overall, he’s a decent little chibi imo. Would recommend if you want chibi Kaworu. And you know you do 😛

Asuka – Deformation Maniacs – Evangelion

This one I won via auction. I had this picture to go on: 

And thought “ah yeah, that looks like some small, cute figure of Asuka”. You know one of those ~8cm trading figures you get in Ichiban Kujis. 

Nope, wrong. She rocks in at about 14cm in height:

Ended up laughing as I got her out of the box of loot, as she was twice as big as I expected. So much for sneaking her onto the corner of a shelf! Her plugsit is rendered very nicely in chibi form, but I find her face rather too plain, especially at this size. The front of her hair is done rather nicely though. 


Her nerve clips are most definitely being used as hair clips here. Always a bit unsure on this point – does she use them as actual hair clips, or just have the ponytails just below them? Her ear is well-sculpted, and she looks less plain from this angle than the front to me. Suit is also lookin’ good and detailed. 


Yep, pretty much the same as the left, but with longer hair on this side, and a different arm pose. 


Hair so big she needs a stand for it 😛 Not much to see back here, other than the copyright on her nerve clip. 


Logo for Evangelion@School, plus some lines to make the base not plain. I do rather like this base design. 

Overall… it’s large chibified Asuka. Nothing really special to say about it. It’s nicely done for what it is, so all it really hinges on if you want a large, chibified Asuka. Not entirely sure if I did… but I have one now, lol.