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Vending Machine Gachapon

OK, what would you like out of a vending machine? How about more vending machines! 

So I paid my money, and got my machine:

Erm. Um. So my first go at the machine got me the bonus drink set:

So then I had plenty of things to vend! There were 2 trays like the above in the box, so plenty of cans. 

Here’s a couple of close-ups:

This above shot shows the issue with these cans – the glue doesn’t stick overly well to the plastic, so they do become unwrapped a bit easily. Though the design is simple, but nice. 

So that left me needing to give the gachapon a second go:

Yay! I got me a vending machine! The design is nice and detailed, and looks very much like the vending machines you find all over Japan.

So let’s load ‘er up and give it a go:

Yay! Cans! It works decently well, but will often vend multiples with one press. Occasionally cans can get stuck, due to the aforementioned sticker issue. 

Now for a tour of the machine. Sides:

Hair is, uh, optional extra. Here we can see the slots that guide the door on the front of the machine, and the bars that guide the can release mechanism. These parts move smoothly in their slots.

Apparently I didn’t take a pic of the back, but it features a small slot-in door at the top (think mini battery compartment), where the cans can be inserted. 

Whee, this thing is fun:

The machine itself came with the one Power Horse Can, shown in the bottom-right of the above photo. 

Close-up of the Power Horse can:

Print is a bit blurry, but it is a very small item. Does the job.

I’m glad I got the cans first – it’s much more fun to play with when you have more than one can. I also love the fact it’s a working machine. Happy I went for this gacha :). 

Nagisa Kaworu – Evangelion – Gacahpon

This was from the same set as the Rei from yesterday:

His shirt has the same plasticy finish as Rei’s, but it’s more apparent as he has more shirt showing. Main finish issue for me though is his trousers – almost looks as if he’s wearing PVC pants due to the shininess. Hair sculpt is pretty decent, but his shirt is overly orange. Could’ve done with a slightly less bright paint here.


Hair is a bit rough, but that’s kind of to be expected by gacha figures. The moulding is nice though, and his face looks decent. 


Paint looks tidy, and the pose looks good. His hands go neatly into his pockets too. 


Hair also looks good from this side, creases in his clothes have been moulded nicely. 


Everything seems to be finished off nicely on this side. Belt and paint is neat. The texture on his trousers almost looks better on this side than the front, as it is less shiny. Shirt still looks like it’s made out of a thick binbag or something though.

Overall I’m happy with Kaworu, and both of these gacha figures. Glad I found the machine :). Just wish I didn’t get a double of each! Would’ve possibly tried my luck some more, had I more change at the time. Ah well. Happy with the two I did get!

Rei Ayanami – Evangelion – Gachapon figure

I found one ‘legit’ gachapon machine with Evangelion figures in it! This one was the first one out, and was Rei Ayanami:

An OK gacha – decently well painted for its small size, and straightforward to assemble. Not so keen on her hair colour though. Sculpt is decent, and looks good. Main complaint is the bow is painted on top, which makes it look translucent & odd. 


Can see where part of the dress was filled from in the mould. Seamline isn’t too bad, better hidden than some larger figures I’ve had. Shoe is a bit of a mess on the side. 


Skirt and shoe are both a bunch neater on this side. Hair also looks nicer here too. White sleeve looks a little odd – more plastic than shirt. 


Mould is decent at the back, and has a moulded seamline for her dress, lol. Paint also doesn’t quite go to her shoulder like one of the other Rei figures I blogged about… hm, maybe Rei just doesn’t have her dress go to her shoulder… 

Overall a decent gachapon figure. Nothing impressive, but does the job for the price point.