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Rei Ayanami – Seaside ver

This figure I bought secondhand from another user on MFC.


She has a small chip on her leg, that was there when I bought her. She’s a very tall figure and quite heavy, as she’s cold cast. 

Left view:


Some detail to be seen here, in her armpit and wrinkle on her swimsuit. 

Right view:


Little bit of a mark here too, at the bottom of her swimsuit. Doesn’t really affect looking at the front of the figure, and that side of her is obscured from where I chose to place her, so I forgot it was there, until I got her out for these photos. 



Some detail to be seen here, but nothing that stands out to me. The dent in the sand on the base is a nice touch. Being a heavier material, it does cast some of its own shadows, but there’s no shading in the paint. This leaves her looking rather plain compared to other figures, especially as her skin tone is paler than the concept art for this figure. 

She’s rather a mediocre part of my collection. I don’t regret buying her, but she doesn’t particularly stand out, either. 

Rei Ayanami – Poolside Ver – Evangelion

This figure was part of a Suruga-ya order. Unfortunately, this one had an unpictured extra – cigarette smell :/. So this figure got a couple of baths too… 

Here she is, assembled with the pool piece:

I like the pose for this figure, which is why I chose it. Figure quality isn’t great as she’s a small gachapon figure. Main thing that bothers me is the kinda strange paint job on her hair – not sure what’s going on with the shading there. 

She also has a leg piece:

.. so you can do this if you really want to. Could look cool on a shelf ledge like this, or some kind of custom display.

However, it’s more so you can do this:

If you’d prefer to display her without the poolside, this piece allows her to look complete. Though her pose is a bit odd without the poolside. 

Some other angles without the pool:

“Don’t look at me”:


Here you can see where her parts need to be shoved together a bit more.. Her foot is nicely sculpted, and we do have some wrinkling in her bikini bottoms.


Not too much to see here. However, you can see the paint job that looks like some ink was spilled on her head… Probably needed to use a lighter blue here. 

Other side:

Not too much to see on this side. Hair is nicely sculpted, pool handle looks good.

View from below:

She has some nice sculpting on her body, giving her good body definition. 

Overall, she’s decent for a gacha figure, and would recommend as a “bonus” item to an order. Hopefully if you get one though, it won’t come with bonus smoke smell like mine :

Rei Ayanami – Evangelion – Parfom

This was a figure I got some time ago, but never did do the blog for. So… no time like the present!


First thing that stands out to me is her hair – I love the way this has been sculpted and painted. I like the colour of her eyes – it complements the colour of her hair. The green parts that go over her chest are attached to the other half, so they don’t block the articulation of her upper half. The red dot is also on her lower half, which helps her not look too odd when articulating. 


Her hair clips are nearly painted, and the shading in her hair is subtle but effective. I think this expression fits Rei very well. The lines on her suit are also neat. 


The way her hips are make the lines odd on her suit -they’ve extended them onto the hinge part to include it, but this ends up looking odd if you articulate her. Her arms look good though. Due to her chibi proportions, she has very small feet, and wouldn’t balance too well (if at all) without the stand. This stand design works pretty well though.


I like this splayed hand. Her hair also looks good from the sides, and I think the seam is pretty well-hidden, even though it is right there. As her fringe needs to come off for her faceplate to be changed, there had to be some kind of visible seam. 


The shading on her hair works well back here, and the paint on backpack looks really good. Here we can see better where they’ve added lines to make her suit work with the hinge style chosen for this figure type. 


She can’t wear these, but you can have her holding them. I think they look pretty decent. 

Alternative hands and faces:

I think the faceplates have been well-chosen to fit Rei, but you don’t get a lot of hand choices. I don’t see this as a big problem, as I don’t think chibi figures are necessarily suited to action poses. Might’ve been nice to have another set, just to round it up to the usual 3 alternative pairs. 

Overall, I’m pleased with this Parfom figure. I think the hip joints are the most problematic part, which will likely be a bit of an issue on most figures in this line imo – I think a decent part of if you’ll like these figures is if you mind the hip ball joints. For me, I prefer this proportions these figures have to “normal” chibis. I think they are a little on the pricey side for what they are, but the paint is above average for an articulated figure imo. So I think if you like the proportions of these figures, and aren’t bothered by the joints/hip design, then I think you won’t be disappointed. If you’re on the fence, I’d probably say give this line a miss. 

Rei Ayanami – Swimsuit v1.5 – Evangelion

For awhile, I was toying with the idea of ordering the original version of this figure, but I didn’t quite like it enough to do so. Then I found out there was this v1.5 version, and went for it:


The main differences between this one and the v1 is the hair and the matte finish to her swimsuit. The mould is the same for both versions.



I love the soft faded effect to her hair, and am a sucker for translucent hair, despite its weirdness. I think her face has been rendered decently well for a prize figure. The matte texture certainly looks nicer than the shiny one imo, but it is more prone to showing up scuffs on the figure – of which there is a minor amount. She does have a seam line that is pretty noticeable on her left arm in this photo. 



Here we can see they’ve added in wrinkle details, and seams to the swimsuit, but they haven’t added any markings to the labels. Usually the character’s name would be written in the space. Guess she’s borrowing a swimsuit for the day?



Here we can get a good look at the shower – the finish is nicely rendered, but due to the way the peg is, it does lean a little. Overall, I like this piece, and seems to have all the details it needs. Unless you want some limescale 😛

Due to the way Rei is facing, this actually makes for a good viewing angle. I like her overall pose, and I think this side shows it off well.



Here we can admire the details in her hair – she has a good number of strands moulded, which is a lot nicer than some prize figures where they just have the top of her hair smooth. 



Erm, er, let’s try that again:


Here we can see they’ve sculpted her spine and shoulder blades. The swimsuit hugs her backside, and is creased near her middle, which are all nice detail.s 



I like the fact they’ve coloured the grout – this is also a feature new to the v1.5, and I think it really adds to the base. The shower drain has also been nicely done, and looks like a drain. Her foot does look a bit overly rectangular from this angle… but is nicely sculpted otherwise. 

Overall, I really like this figure and glad I got it. The shower could do with being a bit more stable, but I don’t think it’s critical, as it looks fine from the front, and not prone to falling out – just leaning a little. Glad I went for this one, and would recommend it. I don’t think there’s any reason to own both versions of this figure, and would recommend picking your preferred one. Looking at pictures of the other version, this is definitely my preferred version.

Rei Ayanami – Evangelion – Portraits – Nurse ver

And the last in this series of Reis!

One to make you feel better:

This one is also in the Portraits series of figures. Not sure if Rei would have the best bedside manner as a nurse… but here we are! The paint is a bit iffy in her stripes, but the shading on her dress does add a fair bit to this figure. 


She has a blue bow detail on her sleeve, but it looks a bit like a paint mistake. Would’ve been nice if this was a separate part. The stand holds her well, and its positioning makes it the least obtrusive it can be for the style of holder chosen. The band on her slipper is painted well and is sculpted, which makes it look good.


She has a seam in her hair, but decent for a trading figure. 


One more paint-bow back here, and some nice shading. I like the way the slipper bands dig into her skin slightly. Her hair is a bit too rounded and smooth, especially compared to the one I reviewed yesterday. The shading is still nice though.

If you want a small nurse Rei, this one hits the spot. I like collecting these Portraits figures, as they’re usually of good quality for a reasonable price. 

Rei Ayanami – Evangelion – Portraits – Spear of Longinus

More Rei? Yes, more Rei. Good news, I’m nearly out of Reis to blog about. 

So let’s look at today’s Rei:

I had a certain lack of Reis without spears, and now I have a good number, including this one. I love the pose, and the metallic blue used on her suit. With these figures, they often use this blue for the special “hidden” versions, and I think it makes a nice change from the black her suit normally is. 

The paint is nice on this one, with shading on her hair and suit. The spear is transparent plastic, same as the base, which makes it look a little cheapy, but I think it’s still OK. 


Her body is posed well, and I like the way she’s leaning slightly forward. 


I like the lance, but it’s not particularly detailed in its sculpt – it does the job, but not much more than that. She holds it well though, and we can see the paint detail on her palms. The black lines 


The darker blue on the hair gives the hair some depth, and the hair is nicely sculpted. Her backpack is nicely painted, and looks the part. Her backside is well sculpted, and has some shading for depth. I do rather like the paint job on this figure.

Overall, the figure itself is well-painted and looks the part, however the Spear isn’t the best. As long as you’re OK with that, I’d recommend this figure.

Rei Ayanami – Evangelion – On the Beach

Just a small figure today, Rei on the beach:

I have a couple of this series of figures already, so I was excited to see the Rei from this set. These figures aren’t overly complex in their design, but they’re nicely painted. The base is a rather straightforward affair – clear blue plastic, with Eva@School on it, with a slot for the background. The background is nice, and complements the figure. I like the angel that’s been included in the backdrop. 

I like her expression – I feel it captures her detachment. The ball she’s sat on also includes an angel symbol – a nice inclusion of the theme. The swimsuit also captures the essence of Rei’s plugsuit, but I do think the grey almost-penises look a bit odd. The hair has a subtle gradient, preventing it from being bland and flat. 


Here we can see the angel-on-the-beachball clearer. Edging on it is a bit unclean, but it’s easily recognisable and does the job. Here we see some overemphasised highlight marks on her hair – not sure if I’m a fan of this style of highlight. Hairclip looks good too.


Seam isn’t overly bad in the hair. Beachball looks good from this side, and we can see where her hair sticks out a bit on the front half. 


Bit of a paint mess on the ball. Hair is neatly painted on the back. They’ve reduced some of the plainness with the shine marks, but I don’t think you’ll really be looking at this side much, especially with her backdrop. They’ve given her some of a backpack, but I think this looks kind of odd, and a flat swimsuit would’ve worked better, though an actual backpack could’ve worked for a beach trip? Gotta have something to carry the beach supplies!

Overall, it’s a decent small fig, if you don’t expect too much from it. I got it for a reasonable price, so for me she was worth it. 

Rei Ayanami – Evangelion – Fraulein 001

This has been a Rei figure I’ve been thinking of getting on and off, finally grabbed it whilst I was in Japan and could get it for cheap:

I like the details in this figure – she’s well-sculpted and painted, and the Lance of Longinus is a lovely shiny red. My main complaint is the way they’ve done the stand – she doesn’t stand easily on her own, but she has a habit of looking like she’s been strung up, thanks to the stand being longer than her legs. I guess it’d be possible to give her an action pose, but I’ll likely just ignore the hung-up look or give her some kind of action pose. She seems to hold the Lance OK, though again it’s a bit of fun to pose. 


Here you can see how the stand works, and there isn’t a way of getting it so she looks comfortable. It would’ve been nice if the stand had a couple of rods, so you could decide her height. Part of me feels like butchering the stand, just so she isn’t floating. Her hair has some shading to it, and she looks well-painted from the side. Her leg will look gappy if you pose it though.


More of the same. The shapes on her suit feel accurate to her design, and the painting is good.


She has some nice, sweeping lines in her hair, and her backpack looks good. Legs are a bit segmenty from the articulation though. 

Overall this is an OK Rei figure – I don’t regard it as anything special, but she’s still a solid figure imo. Has a distinct downside in the way her stand works, but I think she looks decent for an articulated figure.

Rei Ayanami – Evangelion – Gaf’s Door

Here we have a slightly unusual Rei figure:


Here we have Rei in an angelic form. Saw this at a Hobby Off, and had to buy it. The figure takes a decent amount of assembly – having to peg the pieces to the base and each other. Once done though, this is a small, impressive looking figure, imo. I like the fact the cross has some shading on it. One part of me would like to see more of Rei, though. 


The base is slightly translucent, reminiscent of LCL – the fluid used in the entry plugs. Ripple marks are sculpted around where the various parts attach to the base, giving it more depth. 


Here we can see… where the lance has come unpegged from the cross. Erm. Oh, and a slim appearance of Rei. I like the sky blue colour used for her, and the shape of the winged parts.


I think she looks a little too long and flat from the side, but other than that, she looks OK. The hair stands out well from the body. 


Wings arc well from the back and I like the attachment parts they’ve given them. Her pose looks good from the back.

Overall, I really like this figure – it’s a more unusual one, and has nice colours to it. Would recommend if you can find it for a decent price. 

Rei Ayanami – Evangelion – Gachapon figure

I found one ‘legit’ gachapon machine with Evangelion figures in it! This one was the first one out, and was Rei Ayanami:

An OK gacha – decently well painted for its small size, and straightforward to assemble. Not so keen on her hair colour though. Sculpt is decent, and looks good. Main complaint is the bow is painted on top, which makes it look translucent & odd. 


Can see where part of the dress was filled from in the mould. Seamline isn’t too bad, better hidden than some larger figures I’ve had. Shoe is a bit of a mess on the side. 


Skirt and shoe are both a bunch neater on this side. Hair also looks nicer here too. White sleeve looks a little odd – more plastic than shirt. 


Mould is decent at the back, and has a moulded seamline for her dress, lol. Paint also doesn’t quite go to her shoulder like one of the other Rei figures I blogged about… hm, maybe Rei just doesn’t have her dress go to her shoulder… 

Overall a decent gachapon figure. Nothing impressive, but does the job for the price point.

Rei Ayanami – Evangelion – Introjection ver

Here we have a small Rei trading figure:

Bought this one in Hobby Off, along with another small figure. I don’t usually go for Rei in her uniform, but this one was nicely painted and cheap. I like the fact they’ve added some shading detail to her hair, and her thoughtful pose. 


Seam on her side is a bit ugly. Socks are flat to her skin, making the tops look odd. Sculpt looks decent.


Again, another seam that isn’t particularly well neatened. Little bit of escaping paint on her sleeve. Other than that, she looks pretty neat.


Paint scuff on her collar, which shows badly from the back. Thankfully it is on the back! The back of the figure looks overly plain imo – I’m not sure much effort was put in here. The blue paint doesn’t quite get to her collar on the right hand side. I’ll just admire the base, which has some shading to it, which is a nice addition. Hair looks good from the back, so a bit of a shame the uniform is so “flat”. 

Overall, I don’t think I can complain for my ¥324. She looks really good from the front, which is what I care about most. A small, cheap addition to my collection, but probably not a figure I could recommend people get. Unless you’re really into Rei and you find it cheap, like I did. 

Rei Ayanami – Evangelion

These are two older figures. I own the Asuka of this set, which I’ve previously reviewed. No idea what year these were produced, but they’re certainly on the older end! 

First up, Rei:

Definitely a “miffed Rei” look going on. For a basic figure, the sculpt hits all the important parts. The paint however, does show that this is a basic figure. There’s a little bit of escaping the lines, and no shading to speak of. 


Yeahhhh… she really does have a leaning problem. I did almost fix it, but was likely too impatient waiting for the plastic to “set”, so she ended up leaning again. Here we can see where the dark blue escapes the lines a bit, but the “bolts” on her shoulder and arm mark are good. Hair surprisingly looks decent to me. 


Pretty much the same observations as the left side. Though here you can see a seam line running down from her below and down her leg. 


The “0″ feels a little big on her backpack. Hair has been sculpted back here. She has a bit of creasing in her suit behind her knees – I think this is the only nod to the plugsuit being clothing, but to be fair it is usually skintight on most figures. 

Overall, these older Evangelion figures I more collect for nostalgia of an era I never had, and well, Evangelion. They were cheap, but I wouldn’t really recommend them. 

Rei Ayanami – 20th Anniversary

This was a prize figure for the 20th anniversary of Evangelion. Decided to order this as I had a coupon code, and you can never have too much Rei:

In terms of a figure, she’s not that big, but with the base and the Lance of Longinus she takes up quite a bit of height. She comes attached to the stand, but you need to put the lance in her arms, which was a slightly awkward operation. 

Close-up of Rei’s face:

I think they were aiming for a blank expression, but she seems somewhat miffed to me. The paint is in the lines, and of the right colours (to me). The sculptwork is nice too, plus the lines on the lance are nice and even. 

Top of the lance:

Looks the part, and I think has some subtle shading. 


Here we see the pool that Rei seems to be standing in. There’s also a ripple for the lance, but I find it doesn’t quite land in the middle. Some fiddling may get it to do so though. It doesn’t bother me too much. 


Lines are clean, and the hair seam is fairly well hidden. She has some movement in her pose, making her look natural. 


Here we see where I haven’t quite got the lance into her hand. Paint lines are also clean on this side. 

Close-up of the side of her face:

She seems more serious than miffed from this angle. Comparing the shaft of the lance at the top of the image to the bottom, you can see there’s some shading there, which seems rare with her lance in figures. It’s not always needed imo, but it does help this figure. And we can take a moment to admire the silver parts on her suit arms. 


A little bit of a booty wiggle :). Most of the paint is fine back here, but I can see a bit of a flaw on one of the stripes on her backside. Otherwise it’s clean, and nicely done, which is always a nice thing to find on a prize figure. 

Overall, I really like this Rei, and was glad to have one with her lance at last. Though I’ve acquired two more since XD. Not sure why this one hasn’t done as well as the Asuka of this prize set – Rei was the “A” and Asuka was the “B”, but I think the Asuka is probably more unique than this one. I’m happy with just the Rei though, unless I find Asuka at a too-good price to pass up. 

Rei Ayanami – Figma

Decided to go for this Figma, despite the aftermarket price, as I really, really wanted it. One thing to note about this Figma blog and the next one – I’m not going to fully review the figures – they do come with more accessories than pictured, so this is NOT a full review. Just my thoughts 🙂


After getting her out of the box and assembling I’m glad I got her :). She was a bit of a pain to put together, but once done… wow. I love having the plug chair for her to sit in.

Close-up of her face:

Shh, I’m trying to pilot a mecha here!

From the front:

She mostly sits nicely in the chair – getting her legs in the right position was a bit difficult. The sides of the chair near her legs swing out – which makes her easy to put in, but if her joints aren’t bent in the right way, she’ll push them open slightly. The body clip keeps her nicely in place. 

Sides of Rei in her chair:

I love the fact the controls are articulated, so you can pose her controlling the mech. Looking her completely side-on, the clip does have a bit of a long base, and does show a bit, but I think the main way of enjoying this figure is from a more front-on angle. You can also choose to omit the clip, and there is a piece that covers up the hole, if you wished to pin her in the seat differently. 

The double base configuration is interesting, and allows you to pose the seat in many different angles, if you want a more “In combat” pose. It also makes the chair decently sturdy. 


Not much to see here. Some sculpting here, but not a lot, however this angle isn’t one you’re gonna want 😛

Overall, I’m pleased with the figure, and she has a decent amount of poseabilty. The thing that really makes this figure is the chair though – it’s a really nice accessory to have. The most annoying thing about this figure is clip-on joint between the chair and the controls – it was a bit annoying to get on, and it can become unclipped when posing. 

If you wanted to display the chair and Rei separately, you could do this. The chair would have one stand, and Rei would have the other with the clip. Not tried balancing the chair without Rei, though, but I assume it would work… 

With new Figma coming in at the same price as Rei is in the aftermarket, she’s probably still value-for-money compared to new releases. I think she holds up well, and am glad to have her. 

Rei Ayanami – Seat of Soul Vol. 1

With this figure, I’ve been going back and forth about buying it. Prior to owning any of the Seat of Soul figures, I was happy to own either, and the best price I found was on the Vol 2 one, so I got that. At one point I saw it on Mandarake, but dithered too long and it sold. Then someone wanted to sell some figures, but the price they were asking was higher than what I wanted to pay, but then I checked Mandarake again… and there it was. Didn’t want to miss it again, so grabbed it. 

So here she is:


These figures are nicely sculpted and painted for prize figures. Seeing her in person, I do like her pose more than in the pictures. 

Side of the plug chair:


She’s not quite looking in this direction. 

Front of the chair:


She just fits around the bottom middle part. This part comes unattached, so you can place her in there in the seat, which makes it easier to get her in ther. 

Other side of the chair:


I love the fact they’ve posed one of her hands leaning on the side. It’s a nice attention to detail, instead of having her hand curled up or something. Her hair is more sculpted than other prize figures of Rei, which is nice. 

Back of the chair:


Yep. Nothin’ to see here. Move along. 

Erm, OK, safer territory, her face:


She has a Rei-expression. The face I find a bit nicer than the average face you get on prize figures, and her hair is very nicely done. The paint is also really good – little in the way of slop. 

Overall, I’m glad to get this figure, and I have now since purchased the second in this set – Mari. I will display Rei & Mari together, near to where the other Seat of Soul figures are displayed. 

Evangelion Trading Figures Part 2

These are the last two figures from my box o’ stuff I had shipped by Big In Japan. 

First up is an Asuka figure that I remember looking at on eBay when I learned gachapon were a thing:


This is Asuka Langley in her plug. Having a bit of a nightmare! I love the expression on this figure. She was a mild pain to assemble, and she had warped in the packet over time, so I had to heat her legs up so I could bend them to fit correctly in the plug. For such a small figure, it’s amazingly detailed. 

Other views:


Heh. Not much to see on the one above. Not a recommended viewing angle. Not too much to see here either:

Here is a photo showing the screen in a bit more detail: 


I love this mini-vingette, and wish there was a similar version for Rei. But more… Rei. 

There isn’t, so I went for this gachapon of Rei in her plug:


There’s more detail on the plug, but I’m not so keen on her hair colour. There’s also a bit of a mark on the plug, on this side. Ah well, that can be dirt *nod*. 

More views:


And a view showing not much at all:


Yeah, gotta give that top bit a bit of a shove… Meh, it doesn’t really show. 

Rei has a nice pose for this figure, but it was a bit hard to work out exactly how she was supposed to go, as there were no instructions, and I had to account for the fact she’s probably warped a bit over time, so had to work out if her legs fit under/over the front part. Her legs probably want a bit more bending, but I think she looks fine as is. It’s nice to have some gachapon figure that aren’t just a figure standing around. 

Evangelion Trading Figures Part 1

As Suruga-ya took so long to ship, and I was going to end up with a parcel in limbo for several days, I decided to hit up Rakuten, and found a bunch of Evangelion figures I’ve been planning on ordering… for, erm, probably years. 

First up are the Capsule Q Fraulein series 4 figures that I wanted:

Asuka getting ready, Mari striking a pose, and Rei… hanging about. These were a pig to assemble, but they do look super-nice once completed! Rei was in my half-want pile for this series, as she’s in her black outfit instead of the white plugsuit. 


The brown tape bits on Asuka’s side look a bit odd and un-tapelike to me. Had to check the reference art to see what that was. Mari is VERY bent, lol. 


Some nice detailing on Rei’s backpack, which partially makes up for the lack o’ white plugsuit. Here the gaps are a bit more obvious on the legs, where I had trouble assembling. Did heat them up to get them to go, but they’re stubborn li’l buggers. Asuka’s hair is nice form this angle. 

Pleased with the ones I chose to get. There is a 4th figure of Asuka in casual clothes, but I wasn’t interested in it (not sure if the seller had it either). 

Mari and Asuka come with alternate heads:

These helmets are a viable display alternative, but I think I will go with the faces, and pose the helmets next to the respective figures. With these, if I came across the same pair for cheap, I’d probably consider buying so I could display them in both configurations. Maybe if I come across them in Japan!

To make up for the lack of white plugsuit Rei, I also got this trading figure:

She was also an annoyance to assemble (you can see where one of the pegs on her wrist has escaped in the last pic…), but she looks good once done. Had to heat up one of the arms, so the wrist peg would sit in the hole correctly, as it wanted to bend outwards. The pose is nice, and the paint job is mostly OK. Little bit of slop on the green parts. 

Overall, I’m happy with these figures, but wish they were a bit more friendly to being assembled!