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Rei Ayanami – Evangelion – Gaf’s Door

Here we have a slightly unusual Rei figure:


Here we have Rei in an angelic form. Saw this at a Hobby Off, and had to buy it. The figure takes a decent amount of assembly – having to peg the pieces to the base and each other. Once done though, this is a small, impressive looking figure, imo. I like the fact the cross has some shading on it. One part of me would like to see more of Rei, though. 


The base is slightly translucent, reminiscent of LCL – the fluid used in the entry plugs. Ripple marks are sculpted around where the various parts attach to the base, giving it more depth. 


Here we can see… where the lance has come unpegged from the cross. Erm. Oh, and a slim appearance of Rei. I like the sky blue colour used for her, and the shape of the winged parts.


I think she looks a little too long and flat from the side, but other than that, she looks OK. The hair stands out well from the body. 


Wings arc well from the back and I like the attachment parts they’ve given them. Her pose looks good from the back.

Overall, I really like this figure – it’s a more unusual one, and has nice colours to it. Would recommend if you can find it for a decent price.