Evangelion Trading Figures Part 1

As Suruga-ya took so long to ship, and I was going to end up with a parcel in limbo for several days, I decided to hit up Rakuten, and found a bunch of Evangelion figures I’ve been planning on ordering… for, erm, probably years. 

First up are the Capsule Q Fraulein series 4 figures that I wanted:

Asuka getting ready, Mari striking a pose, and Rei… hanging about. These were a pig to assemble, but they do look super-nice once completed! Rei was in my half-want pile for this series, as she’s in her black outfit instead of the white plugsuit. 


The brown tape bits on Asuka’s side look a bit odd and un-tapelike to me. Had to check the reference art to see what that was. Mari is VERY bent, lol. 


Some nice detailing on Rei’s backpack, which partially makes up for the lack o’ white plugsuit. Here the gaps are a bit more obvious on the legs, where I had trouble assembling. Did heat them up to get them to go, but they’re stubborn li’l buggers. Asuka’s hair is nice form this angle. 

Pleased with the ones I chose to get. There is a 4th figure of Asuka in casual clothes, but I wasn’t interested in it (not sure if the seller had it either). 

Mari and Asuka come with alternate heads:

These helmets are a viable display alternative, but I think I will go with the faces, and pose the helmets next to the respective figures. With these, if I came across the same pair for cheap, I’d probably consider buying so I could display them in both configurations. Maybe if I come across them in Japan!

To make up for the lack of white plugsuit Rei, I also got this trading figure:

She was also an annoyance to assemble (you can see where one of the pegs on her wrist has escaped in the last pic…), but she looks good once done. Had to heat up one of the arms, so the wrist peg would sit in the hole correctly, as it wanted to bend outwards. The pose is nice, and the paint job is mostly OK. Little bit of slop on the green parts. 

Overall, I’m happy with these figures, but wish they were a bit more friendly to being assembled!