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Rei Ayanami – Evangelion – On the Beach

Just a small figure today, Rei on the beach:

I have a couple of this series of figures already, so I was excited to see the Rei from this set. These figures aren’t overly complex in their design, but they’re nicely painted. The base is a rather straightforward affair – clear blue plastic, with Eva@School on it, with a slot for the background. The background is nice, and complements the figure. I like the angel that’s been included in the backdrop. 

I like her expression – I feel it captures her detachment. The ball she’s sat on also includes an angel symbol – a nice inclusion of the theme. The swimsuit also captures the essence of Rei’s plugsuit, but I do think the grey almost-penises look a bit odd. The hair has a subtle gradient, preventing it from being bland and flat. 


Here we can see the angel-on-the-beachball clearer. Edging on it is a bit unclean, but it’s easily recognisable and does the job. Here we see some overemphasised highlight marks on her hair – not sure if I’m a fan of this style of highlight. Hairclip looks good too.


Seam isn’t overly bad in the hair. Beachball looks good from this side, and we can see where her hair sticks out a bit on the front half. 


Bit of a paint mess on the ball. Hair is neatly painted on the back. They’ve reduced some of the plainness with the shine marks, but I don’t think you’ll really be looking at this side much, especially with her backdrop. They’ve given her some of a backpack, but I think this looks kind of odd, and a flat swimsuit would’ve worked better, though an actual backpack could’ve worked for a beach trip? Gotta have something to carry the beach supplies!

Overall, it’s a decent small fig, if you don’t expect too much from it. I got it for a reasonable price, so for me she was worth it.