Ryuko Matoi – Kill La Kill – Phat

With the re-issue of this figure, I thought about pre-ordering it, but missed the pre-order period. When kicking around on Nippon Yasan, I noticed they had her in stock for a decent price, so went ahead and ordered her:

Here I have both of the blade parts in her hands, though you’re not really supposed to do this, so removed the longer blade for the rest of this review. On the subject of the blades, both are really nicely painted, and have shading on them. 

Here is a close-up of the shorter blade:

Probably a little hard to see in that photo, but if you look closely, you’ll see it’s not an even shade of red. 

Let’s get a little closer:

My main gripe with this figure is the pose doesn’t really show her off. Imo she needs to be displayed higher than eye-level for you to see her well, and her twisted body can lead her looking like she’s hiding her details from certain angles. The broken ground is nicely painted, and feels like it should be heavier than it really is Sadly the piece you put in, which has the clear peg, is not too well painted on mine. Initially it is a similar piece without the plastic peg, but I don’t really want to risk her bending over time… though on the subject of bending… When I was putting her in the base, I did try to warm her legs to get her to bend, but I think there’s reinforcement in them, so didn’t have much luck with that… so she might stay up just fine over time. However, with them providing the support, I’m not going to risk it.

Slightly angled view:

Looks more imposing this way. 

Matoi’s right:

Some definite side-boob in evidence. Her hand is at a funny angle, but this is just a round peg, so you can correct that. She also has another hand that’s splayed, which is the one she’s initially “equipped” with. I have this one on, as she was holding the long scissor blade. Some nice-looking upper leg there.


I think her body looks nice form this angle, but the back strap looks too flat. More on that later. Her clothes are shiny, which can be seen here, which might not be to everyone’s taste. 

Matoi’s back from above:

I do like the back of the suit here- it’s really well done. Back strap does actually look OK in this photo. 


That boob really wants to make a showing :P. I think the back strap in isolation maybe doesn’t look as bad as when you’re looking at the figure irl. I think it’s mostly because it’s done in a different technique than the front ones (this one is part of the figure, whilst the others float) that makes it look odd. I think they may have used a separate sculpted piece, like the front straps, to make it not look like a tattoo in comparison. 

One thing I didn’t capture with these photos is some of the red paint is a bit sloppy on the lines on her boots. Bit of a shame for a more expensive figure. Waiting to see if this one grows on me some more, but it’s not quite as epic as the pictures of it made me feel. In the right spot this one could work, though.