Nitta Minami – Sleeping Little Devil

From the worst Nitta to this one… And wow, what a difference. This one was one of the things that I got in the Nippon-Yasan sale, and I’m glad I did:


And wow, what a figure. The colours and shapes make for a very striking figure, and it’s a super-cute pose. The red “velvet” base is a very nice touch too. 

Close-up of her face:


Here is her cute smile, as she snuggles up with her tail :). I love the little heart earrings, and the horns on her hairband.

Here’s an upper shot showing more of the hairband:


The top of her hair isn’t much to write home about, but the colours of ht horns, and the studs are nice touches. Here you can also see the details on her tail. 

Close-up on her skirt/boots:


The paint and sculpting are impressive on her clothing. Her nails are nicely done too. Impressed with the way the zips have turned out. 

Her left:


Some lovely details on her skirt and gloves. Her sleeves have been done as a semitransparent material, and the effect looks really good. 

Close-up of the skirt detail:


Loving this attention-to-detail in the figure. 

Right side:


Her tail is curled around her arms, in a pleasing way.



She has a pair of stiletto heels, that match her outfit. The hair looks really good from the back, and you can see some of her left wing here. 

Close-up of her wing:


One of my minor gripes about this figure is the smallness of these wings. It would be nice if they were more distinctive, and stuck out more. But hey, she’s just cosplaying, so these’ll have to do :P. 

And just to complete all the angles:


She’s well-sculpted down here too! Love the fact they’ve taken the time to make her look good at all the angles. 

I have very little to complain about this figure, and think she was well worth the money. The sculpt and painting are both really strong, and I think anyone interested in this figure should get it, assuming they have the funds. 

And as a bonus, here’s the instructions it came with:


If you can’t read the highlighted parts:

  • Do not point, wave or throw the product at others. Product is designed for amusement purposes only.
  • Product will not stand on its own. Please use the stand included

*points figure threateningly at her husband*. Hm, nope, she didn’t spontaneously combust… And I don’t think I’ll be throwing her! But she does amuse… 

Also love the fact these instructions came with a sitting figure – she does stand just fine on any ol’ flat surface, but she doesn’t seem happy about it.. 

Yep, the fun of generic instructions!