Melissa Seraphy – Good Smile Company

Someone linked this figure in a Discord chat, and I decided I wanted it. Shortly after, I found it a bit cheaper on Mandarake (below the customs limit, yay!), so went for it:


Cute demonic things are my weakness! Also loved the pumpkin. Her pose is also very cute, and I love the design of her top. 



Cute bow on the pumpkin :). Here you can see a couple of marks – probably the first thing I’ve bought from Mandarake where I could find marks. They’re not hugely noticeable though. 

Here is a close-up of the bow:


The bow has been nicely sculpted and painted. 

Here is a close-up of the pumpkin face:


The eyes and mouth are clear plastic, and you can just about see her legs through it. There is a nice gradient of orange on the pumpkin itself. 

Right side:


Not much excitement here, so here’s some words on the base. The base itself is translucent grey plastic, with a peg that sits into the pumpkin. There is a pattern on the base, but honestly I don’t like the look of it overall. With her on the base, it doesn’t look so bad imo. 



Her wings and hair are nice, and the pumpkin looks lovely and shiny from this side. Here you can see the stand piece that holds the pumpkin (and her) up. 

You can also take the pumpkin off and display her without it:


This stand is a cheap one from China, but surprisingly holds her up well. When I looked up pictures of her, I wondered why someone had balanced her in the back half of the pumpkin – turns out that’s the only way of using the original stand to hold her. 

Taking her out of the pumpkin was paint-transfer-city, however. She had several bits of orange paint around her midriff and ankles. Most of them came off with an eraser, but one on the ankle is a lot more obstinate, and maybe part scratch. She does look amazingly cute out of the pumpkin. 

Close-up of her upper half:


If she was wearing some pants/knickers that matched her top, it’d be a no-brainer for me to display her without the pumpkin. As it is, I’m on the fence about it. Maybe one day I’ll get two of her… 

From the back:


OK, didn’t get a good shot of her backside, thanks to the stand, but she looks nice from this angle. On her left leg, you can see a dot – the obstinate paint transfer. 

Side view:


She has some details on her knickers, which make them look nice, if you’re into that kind of thing. Maybe if I get some matching PVC, I could fashion some shorts… 

I think she looks nice with or without the pumpkin, though if you get her secondhand, be prepared to deal with pumpkin paint transfers. If you’d like to display her out of the pumpkin, you’ll likely want to get a replacement stand, to support her in place. I don’t like the look of the pumpkin open – it has four peg-holes for the front half of the pumpkin to peg into, which doesn’t make it look great. 

Pleased with this figure, for the price I paid.