Caster – Fate/Zero

GillesThis figure I bought for cheap, as he’s missing his base, but he doesn’t really need it:

And also because it’s Gilles De Rais. I find his expression a little on the odd side, but what’s there is well-painted. He has a bit of a seamline in his hair, but nothing too drastic. I can see a bit of paint slop on the bottom of his dress, but the rest is painted nicely, including the pattern on his left arm. 


Couple of seams visible here – one on the upper part of his clothing, and one in his hair, but they’re mostly hidden. Here we can see more of the linework on his arm, which looks really nice. Top has a bit of flow to it, which is nice to see.


Clothing seam is pretty well blended here. The points on his hair are sculpted nicely, and he has some fine details on his hand – you can see his rings and pointy fingernails. I love the red and blue of his… collar? Whatever it is. 


His cape hangs nicely, and the collar is painted well. Nothing to complain about here.

He’s definitely a decent chibi figure, and one I’m glad to have. I don’t think the stand really adds much (apart from ugly whiteness), so I don’t miss it at all. He doesn’t fall over either, due to his wide base for a chibi figure, so I think he looks great without it (and possibly why his previous owner no longer had it…). Glad to have another Giles to add to my collection, as there really aren’t many figures of him.