Thresher – Spawn

And now for a Spawn figure, Thresher:

I already owned the blue/red variant, but this one was ¥380… How could I turn that down? And she looks cool in both colour schemes! This one also has the advantage of being complete (as it was still sealed)… believe the claw is missing on my other one. 

Here she is without her mask:

And a close-up of her face:

She does look more diseased than speckled than the other variant, what with the grey skin and purple dots. Her makeup is nice though. 

Close-up with mask:

I love the masks for these figures, so will likely display her like this. The chest paint is a nice fade from yellow to green, though her belly is painted green rather than grey, which looks kind of odd. Looks like they designed it to be a gap in her top, but it’s not painted like that. Fairly minor for me though. 

Close-up of one her arm parts:

This is where a bunch of the attraction of this figure comes in – the number of articulated “extras” she has. I love the bio-mechanical design. The serpentine bracelet(?) on her arm looks good too.


I like the gun she has – is an interesting design, and there are some paint accents so it isn’t a fully flat silver colour. She has that “big leg” thing going on that most Spawn figures have – but I guess it does help figure stability a fair bit! The bone-coloured parts work well with the green. If I had to nitpick, the grey under her arm is eerily flat grey – could’ve done with a tad of shading in there. 

Close-up of the gun:

Plenty of sculpt detail here. The spiky claw parts help it fit thematically with the figure. She also has a knife down here, as a backup, but this part is part of the figure, so she doesn’t have one to pose her with. 


Here she wields some bio-gun and a claw launcher. I tried to pick which angle would look best for the claw, but managed to screw it up and not notice until I was writing this blog… The tube plugs in securely into the relevant holes, and as it is loose, it won’t snap if it snags on anything. 

Close-up of the claw:

The painting is really nice on this – the paints blend well. And it fires pretty good too! Pull it back, let it go, lose it on the other side of the room… 


Other holes are available, should you wish to plug the tube in elsewhere. Back looks OK, but I wish they did more with the area where the parts hinge on her back – added a bit of sculpting so that they fit in with the figure more, instead of looking like round lumps. Sculpting on the back of her clothes is nice though. 

Overall, happy to have two of her, so I can appreciate her in more than one room :). For a bargain price too! Would recommend this Spawn figure, even at less of a bargain.