Lex Luthor – Chess Piece – DC

This figure I bought at an antiques store, that also has a few sellers that sell more modern collectables.There was a 3 figures for one price deal, and this one was my first choice:


And here we have Lex Luthor brandishing some kryptonite. I love the way he is posed, making the most of the stand. The paint is also really good for the most part – not too much paint creeping out of the lines. I love the skull on hte base, and there’s also a “king” symbol to show which piece this is – a fitting role for Lex Luthor.



Here we see he’s on his presidential campaign, to get as close to “king” as he can. I love the sculpt on the clothes, and the colour of his suit, but some of the sculpt lines are a bit strange- his heel on his right shoe seems to have an extra bit, and an odd like on his neck. Also not too sure about the ring – I don’t think it came out too well. 



I like the way the seamlines on this figure follow the seams that a suit would have. The finish on his suit gives it a premium suit feel to me, and the creases in his clothes are sculpted well. Though it does look like that kryptonite is melting his hand… not sure if he should be handling it like that… 

Back of the chess piece:


Here there’s also a marking to show it’s a king piece. I love the riveted metal effect on the base, and it really works to finish off the figure. 

Overall, I’m really glad to have him, even though I don’t intend to collect the rest of the set. For a small figure, it’s painted well and Lex doesn’t have too many good figures to choose from imo. Glad to have this in my collection, without having to buy the rest.