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Seven of Nine – Borg’d – Star Trek

This is a figure I’ve kind of been wanting for some time. Because Borg. 

Presenting Borgified Seven of Nine:

She has a very retro vibe – not just in terms of the action figure style, but the design of her borgification. However, with this retro style, I love the way it introduces more colour to her design than the mostly-black modern designs. 

In some places the moulding feels a bit chunky and flat, but in other places, there’s a decent amount of detail. Interestingly, her top seems to be part-fabric – the black part has creasing like she’s wearing a PVC top. I like the metal part on her left knee, though it could do with some paint accents to add to it. 

I like her face, and feel it has a likeness to Seven of Nine in the show.


Here we have some visible seams on the top of her shoulder and a bit on her arm. I love the detail on her arm, and feel it fits the Borg theme well. Her lower leg also has a lot of nice detailing. The paint here is decently done.


Here she has a very apparent seam on her side. Not much of a surprise for these figures. The detailing is nice on this side, but some of the stuff on her leg feels a little flat and odd. 


We have a good amount of detailing back here too. The painting is messy on her upper back, and we have some weird patches of colour which don’t seem to match up withe the sculpt – the wires would look better if they were a consistent colour, then with other bits filled in. Here it looks like the factory worker went with whatever they felt like to colour this in. We’ve also got some stray silver paint in a couple of places, most notably on her right shoulder. 

Ignoring the upper back, I like the rest of it. 

She also comes with these accessories:

I like the alcove piece, but there’s no method provided to mount this. Would’ve been nice to be given a clear stand to mount it behind her, but… I’ll have to dig around in my accessory box to find something to use. The data pad thing has an interesting sculpt to it, but it is just plain silver, so doesn’t look very exciting. Not sure if she would hold it too well either, but not tried.

Overall, I’m pleased with this figure, and glad I was able to get it. She has got some flaws, but nothing too major in my eyes, for the figure type she is. Glad to have another item to add to my Borg collection.

Locutus of Borg – Star Trek

Saw this figure, had to buy it:

A Locutus of Borg! That actually looks somewhat like what it’s supposed to be, which is a surprise for a Star Trek collectable. There’s a good amount of detail here – he seems to have the key elements the original design had. His head does seem a bit more elongated than Picard’s appears to be, but I can forgive it for the rest of the sculpt being solid. The paint accents that are there work well. 

Face close-up:

Looking Borg-y :D. Laser paint looks like it might’ve gone a bit walkies, but the rest of it looks good to me. 


Plenty of details on the arm, love the abundance of wires and small electronics-style details. The hair looks OK at this distance, but looks a bit like a grey smudge close up. 


The fearsome Borg “multitool”. Yeah, don’t think I want to be on the wrong side of that! Here you can see they’ve got a decent bunch of wires sculpted separately too. 

Close-up of the tool:

I like all the small details on this part, and there are some paint accents, to break up the blackness. In terms of colour scheme, they didn’t have much to work with, but they seemed to have squeezed in a few paint details here and there.


No shirking on the sculpt detail back here – there’s a goodly amount of detail, to complete Picard’s Borgification. 

Overall, I’m really happy I’ve added this figure to my collection. I paid £15 for him, which I feel is a fair price, but he usually retails above that… which, as nice as he is, I feel is too much for such a figure. There’s been a lot of duds as far as Star Trek collectables has been concerned, so it’s nice to see a nice one. 

Borg Cube – Playmates

What do we have here?

Hm, looks cube-y. 

Yep, those look like some Borg cube patterns… 

Hm, this side doesn’t seem very Borg-y…

Let’s see what’s in here:

Lots of Borg out to play! The Picard and blue Borg came with the set, the others are a Borg Assimilation Team I bought many moons ago. Have been wanting this mini play set for some time, but finally decided to commit to getting one. Ended up getting this shipped over from America, along with 2 other sets which I may sell. 

Top-down view:

The inner parts pull out, and the bed folds down. You can partially extend the arm on the bio-bed, so it’s sticking up. Yeah, Playmates called the bed that. 

Glad I bought this – it’s nice having the Borg to have a home :). It’s nothing hugely fancy, but it does provide a good backdrop & stand to my assimilation team. There’s enough here to give the “feel” of a Borg cube, but I think it’s only good as a diorama, rather than a toy – there’s only so much room to pose the small figures… and it’s small. Very much more a backdrop than anything else. This playset doesn’t have the playability of a Polly Pocket, but it’s nicely executed for what it is.