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Crysis 2 – Grunt

This is the last of the three Crysis 2 action figures I bought:

This guy has the same articulation as the stalker. The hips are ball joints, so you can get them to stand up fairly easily. 

Close-up of the face:

Can see a paint chip there (d’oh), but the red eyes have been painted well. I feel more attention was paid to painting these guys than the suit, even though the paint is still a bit shonky.

Close-up of his gun hand:

Here we actually have a detail painted on the weapon! Mould is a bit muddy, and doing a quick image search for these dudes, it looks like that some of the flat area shouldn’t exist. Not entirely surprised they’ve simplified it in this way.


Looks like this dude’s been on a diet. Cuts a good profile though. Here you can see where the tentacles were hard to get into the body again, and leave a small gap. 


Much the same as the left. Silver bits look good. I like the purple fade, even if this doesn’t seem to be too accurate, according to my image search. 


Again with the silly screw hole! Kinda wish that wasn’t there. The areas where the tentacles plug in aren’t well hidden on this one either. At least he’s painted and moulded back here. 

Overall, I’m happy with these figures. I wouldn’t recommend paying a lot for them, and I wouldn’t say they’re particularly collector’s items, but if you want a small, cool action figure (or to pose them in compromising ways *ahem*), then they’re good for that. 

Crysis 2 – Alcatraz 2.0 Nanosuit

Next up, a dude inna nanosuit:

Paint job is OK, a bit rough, but does the job. Though the most intriguing thing to me is the hand posing. I mean, you can do this with him:

And he seems to be as miffed as I am about the situation. Not quite sure why they decided to mould a static pointing finger, when these figures don’t have replaceable parts. 

He does come with a variety of guns, however:

… but with the single-colour paint job and the lack in depth in some places (especially the pistol) they look like painted wooden replicas.

Let’s see if the dude in the suit thinks so:

Yes, I guess he does, if he’s going to spin one on his finger like that… I guess that’s why he’s pointing :P. 

Hey, look at this stash of wooden weapons I’ve found!:

Well, at least they fit in his other hand, mostly. 


Looks OK on this side. Some escaping silver paint on his leg. 


Some silver paint escapage here too. Shoulder seam is less visible on this side – wish all the seams were like that. 


Probably the best bit of the silver painting on his back, with the spine reinforcement. 

Overall, I think this one is more in the vein of a kid’s toy than a collectable. Some detail is there, but the production quality doesn’t seem to 100% be there, and the odd choice of the pointing hand. The guns with no paint accents also give it a more “toy” feel than collectable. 

Crysis 2 – Stalker

One of the stores that I occasionally frequent has decided to start selling these off, so I have bought three of these Crysis 2 mini action figures. Maybe one day I’ll actually play Crysis…

First one was this Stalker:


Let’s say hello to this mean fellah:


The arm articulation was better than I expected, even if it isn’t much – he rotates at the shoulders, but also at the “hands”. The arms are slightly bendable, but not poseable. The paint from the front is OK, but nothing special. 



One mean lookin’ maw, there. Love the “hand”/arm attachment. The fade effect on the back tentacles is pretty good. One pretty visible seam across the top of his back there, though. 



Similar story here as tot eh left, but the back portions line up a bit better, however are still gappy. 



Here you can see where the back tentacles plug into his back. Kinda gappy. Also the screw head, hm. 

A closer look at that dark lump on his left:


Unfortunately some of the paint flaked off not long after getting him. His back isn’t the greatest angle, so not too miffed about it. Also had to trim one of the alignment lugs on one of the tentacles, as it simply wouldn’t go in with it on. 

These figures cost me £4 apiece, not sure I would’ve wanted to pay the full price of £8, but happy with what I got for the price. Shame about the paint flake :(.