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Asuka Langely – Fruits Punch

This one I bought before Rei, as I found it cheap but boxless. Then I had to chase down Rei…. which I eventually got, and for a reasonable price :). 

So here’s the Asuka that goes with the Fruits Punch ReI:

The mark on the base was just some dirt, and got washed off after these photos. I like the way Asuka’s outfit is more flamboyant than Rei’s, which matches her personality. Asuka does feel a good bit more detailed, with the more complicated rain-dress and the way her clothes poke out of the rainwear. The matching bracelets work really well imo. Her umbrella is held in by pegs on either end – one for the base, one for her hand. 

Again her face and hair are a simplified style. Her neuroclips are more clearly themed than Rei’s, by being obviously strawberries. I guess Rei’s are supposed to be pips? 


Her hair curls up nicely, and those strawberries kind of work. Bit of a weird shape. However, the seam on her leg is pretty visible. 


I do like her pose from this angle – has that sassy look that fits Asuka. Her hands are sculpted nicely, and have a good amount of motion in them. Again, her leg has a clear seamline in it. 


Her hair looks OK, if simple. The umbrella looks OK, but not too much like a strawberry to me. Feels like they went more umbrella than strawberry, but it’s not a dealbreaker. 

Overall, I’m pretty happy with this figure. Even though Rei is my favourite of the pair in the show, I think this is my favourite of this pair of figures. I feel it has more to offer visually, and the extra clothes make the outfit less jarring. Again, this is a figure if you like unusual outfits. Happy with this pair – you should be able to get them fairly cheap, if you like them. Wouldn’t recommend paying a lot as they are prize figures, but they’re pretty nice ones.

Rei Ayanami – Fruits Punch

This figure I had times I really wanted to buy it and times I thought it was the worst thing ever… but seeing it in person, I decided to go for it. So here she is:

So here she is, donning an outfit that’s an interesting mishmash between beachwear and rainwear. Personally, I’d prefer if this figure didn’t have the gummi boots. Her hair has been done in a simplified manner, but this is more for the style of the figure. I do love the fruity bracelet she’s wearing. 


She definitely has an older prize figure look about her, with the shiny skin and simplified style, however the simplified style has been worked with, making it age better than others. I like the way the lemon umbrella goes over her shoulder, but it’s gonna bend over time. It also has a little drip that comes down off it, but mine likes to be a bit sideways. She does have a hole in her hand a peg on the umbrella sits in, so she holds it fairly firmly. 


The rainwear is a rubbery material, whilst the rest of the figure is hard plastic. The holes let us look at the paintwork better, underneath the raincoat, which I appreciate. Hair seam definitely isn’t in hiding here.


I like the finish on the back of the lemon umbrella – it has a nice shade to it. The back of the raincoat has some interesting details which stop it from being plain. 

Overall, I think this is a cute figure. If you like your figures in unusual outfits, and a fan of Evangelion, this figure could be for you. The paintwork is imperfect in places, but seems decent enough for a prize figure. It doesn’t feel as cheap as I thought it might do, so was pleasantly surprised by that.