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Figure Spotlight: Shana

This figure was purchased from a seller on MFC. This figure has a cast-off option, but I have not cast her off. 


For the cast-off option, you can take her shorts off and her top, but I have no wish to do so, as she’s a character that looks young and looks fine as she is. Japanese stuff can be weird – you have characters that look old with young ages slapped on them or vice versa. Sometimes in translation, ages are changed to be more suitable for non-Japanese audiences, to make it less weird and less awkward for us :P. Due to this, I largely go by what I would guess the age to be. 

Her necklace is a strand of copper wire by the feels of it, which is a nice touch but also awkward to move around/pose. My favourite thing about this figure is her hair – I love the colour and the translucency. 

Here she is from the back:


Here you can see where the top disconnects – it’s not particularly hidden. The hair has some dust stuck to it, as it has the plasticizer issue. I did consider cleaning this, but it is leaking some dye, so going to leave it until it’s noticeably dusty, just in case a sizeable amount of dye does decide to leave. She lives in a Detolf though, so not much dust lands on her. 

Here’s a side shot:


She leans back quite a bit in her pose. 

She has a quite striking appearance, which is what attracted me to the figure. She’s not in the greatest condition, but I did pay a reduced price for her. There was one visible flaw, where her midriff was a bit loose, but that was fixed with some paper down her pants. 

Etna – Disgaea – Griffon Enterprises

Now for the figure that instigated my Suruga-ya order:

What can I say? I’m a sucker for things with red hair, wings and blue outfits. Love the cute pose, and the distinctive, spiky hair. 

Close-up of her face:

Very cute :). Not a paint job that would win any awards, but she’s neatly painted. Love the shiny blue of her outfit. Her earrings have been nicely sculpted and painted.


She has a very thin, lithe body. And her chunky boots. I like the way her tail loops too.


Here we can see there’s shading in her outfit, and her body is slightly shiny. 


Here we can see the tops of her wings, and the fact her skirt isn’t hiding much. The wings are nicely sculpted, with the spines clearly visible. Not too much in the way of blending into her back though. 


I like her body shape, and here you can see where the wings are shaded, with a tinge of red, which works well. 


Yep, this figure has fanservice. I like the way her tail is lifting up her skirt slightly. The knickers have been shaded also, which is a nice touch. 

Overall, I really like this figure – the pose is what mostly sells it to me. Usually this figure is pretty expensive in the aftermarket, but I got a good deal on her via proxying her from Suruga-ya. There is a small paint transfer on the base from one of her shoes, but I can cover this up with Etna herself. Overall, I think the Max Factory Etna is my favourite, but this one comes in at a close second. And I don’t think I’ll be getting the Enterbrain one, which suffers from a poor paint job and mediocre sculpting.