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I-19 – Kan Colle – Taito

I saw this figure on the Urban Mines, but it got bidded too high for me to bother with. But because I loved her blue-and-pink hair too much, I went shopping around for her, and found her cheap on Amazon. I had seen the figure previously, but didn’t go for it that time, but the Urban Mine auction reminded me she still existed. 

So here she is:

I love her hair and her outfit is revealing, without revealing too much. She was an arse to put together though – the pieces don’t fit quite right, and her hand won’t ever go into the top torpedo, even with heat/bending, but she will sit still in this position, unless you try to move her. Then she’ll fall off, and the two

torpedoes attached together will fall apart ><. 

Her right:

Here you can see the destroyed torpedo that sits in the middle. Nice to have some difference between the torpedoes, and does make an interesting base, which was the other thing that attracted me to this figure. Here you can see some stray blue paint on her back though. Outside of her head, the painting is decidedly average. 


Here you can see the shininess of the prize figure plastic on her leg, though her right leg is less shiny. There is some shading in the skin paint, so that’s a nice feature. Also there’s a scratch on the bottom torpedo for me. Swimsuit edge also didn’t get blue paint, so that looks a little odd to me, but I think is only really visible on close inspection. Her feet are moulded nicely. 


Here you can see where her hand doesn’t quite reach properly to the lug on the top torpedo. It just won’t go on mine, and I’d have to do some serious bending of the entire figure before that peg would have a hope of going into place. Her arm simply doesn’t reach down far enough for it to plug in on mine, but I did see an assembly video where they did get her to fit in properly. The stray blue marks on her back aren’t visible in this shot, but they are a bit annoying. 

Close-up of her hair:

I love the colours and accessories in her hair, even though it’s a bit cheapy prize-figure-y. The eye decals are really nice, along with the blush marks. Her chewing on a pin(?) makes her look really cute. 

A couple of close-ups of the stand:

I love the idea of this stand, but it sort of failed in execution, due to the imprecise nature of the manufacture. at first the destroyed torpedo wouldn’t stay in place properly, but with a bit of shoving of the top torpedo, it now sits in place better, but will still pop out on occasion. If I could get both of I-19′s pegs in, it would likely hold together a bit better. I’d love to see something like this on a more expensive figure. 

Overall, I like this figure. Once displayed, she looks nice, but she does have a notable amount of flaws. I’d probably only recommend this to anyone who really likes the look of this figure, and if you find her relatively cheap (she cost me £13.58 inc postage). Still loving the hair and the eyes, lol.