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Momo Deviluke – To LoveRu Darkness – Bottle Holder

This figure I came across randomly, and decided I’d like to order it, because of its kinda different nature. 

So here she is, Momo holding an invisible bottle:

This figure is very nice for a prize figure – she has shading in her hair, and a few other places. The paint is largely neat, without a bunch of messy lines. I love the cute expression on her face, and her shirt has been rendered well. The tail is also posed well, and I do rather like the way it curls. 


They’ve painted her chest darker, to show she’s wearing a sheer shirt, and she’s wearing a bra to match her knickers. Or swimsuit bottoms? The green bow helps to break up the pinkness of the figure, which I like. There is a tiny bit of overage on the knickers, but nothing too drastic. 


The flowers in her hair have been painted well, and the twist of her tail looks good from this angle too. Her feet look nicely detailed, and the pose has some dynamicness to it. 


Not too much extra to see here, but there’s shading on her leg, which is a rarity for a prize figure. Her toe has also been posed here – I appreciate the asymmetry here. The sleeve goes well around the arm, and looks realistic. 


Here, the back of her bra is a bit too heavily painted, and looks a bit odd. Fortunately this isn’t an angle I’ll be looking at, so not too much of a major issue for me. Here we can see the twists of the tail, which give it motion. Her knickers are also shaded too here. 

So that she can hold the bottle, her arms are rubbery and can be flexed about, so there’s no worrying about breaking her, if you want her to hug something. She can sort of hug a Nendoroid’s head. and I did have her hugging the Queen of Pain for a time. She’s a fun figure to play with, thanks to her pose, and would make for an interestingly posed piece. She’s made to hold a smaller size of bottle, so your average 500ml bottle doesn’t fit so well imo. 

So I could easily recommend this figure, if it appeals to you. If you want to find her, you may have more luck searching for just “hold figure” on figure websites. 

Leafa – Sword Art Online – Noodle Stopper figure

Pre-ordered this one on AmiAmi, and finally got it just after I got back from holiday:

And yep, she came out cute :). I’m really happy with the way this one came out. The swimsuit is sculpted well – happy they’ve sculpted the top strap separately, and the hair is nicely shaded.The small green details have been painted nicely too. 


Looking close, one of the green lines on her bikini is actually way off… oops. Her hair decoration has a bit of stray green paint, but nothing too bad. She ha a goodly amount of detail in her body, which gives her a good look. Her eyes are pretty detailed, and the small details on her face are painted well.


The detail lines in her hair work well, with the shading that’s also present. I like the posing of her legs – it works well and she sits well, keeping my Mug Shot nicely stoppered. She also has some small details in her ear, which is a nice inclusion for a prize figure. My only minor complaint on this side is the strings on her bikini look a bit too wide. 


I like the way her hair tumbles down behind her, and the plaits look good. Her foot is well-sculpted and posed. The bow looks less “noodly” on this side. 


Her back has a nice realistic shape, and she has a bit of butt cleavage showing. The bow looks really good on the back. I like the way they’ve included some folds near the knot. 

Overall, I really like this figure and would recommend her. She should be fairly cheap as she’s a prize figure, but that all depends on what her aftermarket does. Would still recommend her at more than I paid, as she’s possibly a bit nicer than other figures I have of this size (and paid more for!). 

Kuroyukihime – Tea-drinking edition

So.. finally! The Japan loot! Which will be coming out in no particular order…. 

(Yes, it has taken me over a month to finally get to this point…)

First up, here we have Kuroyukihime engaging in a suitably British pastime of drinking tea:

She has quite a cute expression on her face. The paint job does a good job of texture, but not one of shading. Her coat does get affected in this photo, but I don’t think it’s as bad irl. Though the buttons are the same colour as the coat, which doesn’t change outside of this photo :P. 

Close-up of her face:

Her face is fairly decent – a bit heavy-handed with the linework. The hair is pretty simple, and is pretty flat where it isn’t stranded. 

The tea:

Yep, looks like a more British brew, than an Asian one. Tea doesn’t quite get to all the edges of the tea surface, so it does leave a bit of a “shallow cup” look to it. Because of the way the tea is angled, you don’t tend to see much of it anyway. 


This figure shows the figure in a better light, and pretty close to its actual look. If you’re wondering how she sits on this chair, there are a couple of dimples at the front of it, which she rests in.You can still easily nudge her out of them, but they’re good enough for display purposes. Here we can see a little bit of rough painting on the edging on her skirt. It’s a little inconsistent most of the way around. 


Little bit of a scuff visible in her hair. There are a couple of these. Here we can see the attempt at shading in her hair. It’s fairly abrupt imo, but there’s less of a contrast when looking at it irl, so it’s not too visible. again, the skirt edging is a bit messy. The skirt is folded nicely, but feels a little stiff, as that’s the only crease there is. that isn’t pleats. 


Slightly roughly-hewn chair XD. Just plain white back here. The chair connects to the base with 4 pegs – these were an absolute arse to get in place. Even with heat they were difficult, and I was a bit worried about breaking them. I don’t think I’ll disconnect the chair from the base, lest I snap a peg or two. 

Chair, no Kuroyukihime:

The front of the chair has some blue shading for the middle bit, though it’s nothing to write home about. On mine, there are stray paint blobs too, which aren’t too visible here. Here we can see the dimples that keep her in place, and why they’re not super-effective at it, being fairly shallow. 

Overall, it’s reasonably decent for a prize figure. I think this is one more for the Kuroyukihime fans than anyone else. From a small distance away, she’s a pretty decent figure, but doesn’t really stand up to close scrutiny. I think she’s a bit hard to find an optimal viewing angle too. I’m pleased to have this figure, even though I don’t think it’ll be winning any awards. 

I-19 – Kan Colle – Taito

I saw this figure on the Urban Mines, but it got bidded too high for me to bother with. But because I loved her blue-and-pink hair too much, I went shopping around for her, and found her cheap on Amazon. I had seen the figure previously, but didn’t go for it that time, but the Urban Mine auction reminded me she still existed. 

So here she is:

I love her hair and her outfit is revealing, without revealing too much. She was an arse to put together though – the pieces don’t fit quite right, and her hand won’t ever go into the top torpedo, even with heat/bending, but she will sit still in this position, unless you try to move her. Then she’ll fall off, and the two

torpedoes attached together will fall apart ><. 

Her right:

Here you can see the destroyed torpedo that sits in the middle. Nice to have some difference between the torpedoes, and does make an interesting base, which was the other thing that attracted me to this figure. Here you can see some stray blue paint on her back though. Outside of her head, the painting is decidedly average. 


Here you can see the shininess of the prize figure plastic on her leg, though her right leg is less shiny. There is some shading in the skin paint, so that’s a nice feature. Also there’s a scratch on the bottom torpedo for me. Swimsuit edge also didn’t get blue paint, so that looks a little odd to me, but I think is only really visible on close inspection. Her feet are moulded nicely. 


Here you can see where her hand doesn’t quite reach properly to the lug on the top torpedo. It just won’t go on mine, and I’d have to do some serious bending of the entire figure before that peg would have a hope of going into place. Her arm simply doesn’t reach down far enough for it to plug in on mine, but I did see an assembly video where they did get her to fit in properly. The stray blue marks on her back aren’t visible in this shot, but they are a bit annoying. 

Close-up of her hair:

I love the colours and accessories in her hair, even though it’s a bit cheapy prize-figure-y. The eye decals are really nice, along with the blush marks. Her chewing on a pin(?) makes her look really cute. 

A couple of close-ups of the stand:

I love the idea of this stand, but it sort of failed in execution, due to the imprecise nature of the manufacture. at first the destroyed torpedo wouldn’t stay in place properly, but with a bit of shoving of the top torpedo, it now sits in place better, but will still pop out on occasion. If I could get both of I-19′s pegs in, it would likely hold together a bit better. I’d love to see something like this on a more expensive figure. 

Overall, I like this figure. Once displayed, she looks nice, but she does have a notable amount of flaws. I’d probably only recommend this to anyone who really likes the look of this figure, and if you find her relatively cheap (she cost me £13.58 inc postage). Still loving the hair and the eyes, lol.