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Mephisto – Marvel

For the other two figures that I got with Lex, I picked characters that I think look cool, but probably should learn more about.

First pick was Mephisto:

An interesting pose, but one that’s not likely to all be in focus in one photo. The sculpt on this dude is nice, but not sure if he’s had a hard life prior to me buying him, or the paint wasn’t so good on his loincloth to begin with. Due to his red nature, the paint job is on the simpler side.


Here we can see he’s stretching out, though it is unclear where glove begins and arm starts – would be nice to get some more paint definition here for his glove, as it does look like it has mutated into being part of his arm. Or he’s wearing some kind of skin-coloured suit… 


Again, the sculpt failed to capture where glove starts and body ends. I like the fact they’ve sculpted his hand as doing something though. The side of body sculpt looks good, though, again, his boots could’ve done with a different shade of paint to differentiate them from his body. Hair looks nice though.


Cape does the job, and there’s some paint shading back here, which looks nice. Collar part of the cape looks a bit overly starched, compared with the rest of it though. 

Overall, he’s an OK figure. Could be much more if they painted his clothes properly. Wouldn’t recommend paying a premium price for this one.