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Cyborg – Metals Die-Cast

This is the second thing I picked up in the Toys R Us sale. 

Die-cast Cyborg:

I had three to choose from, and the paint job did differ between the three. One of them had quite sloppy painting with the silver on the cyborg part on his left eye, so I’d recommend inspecting these figures prior to buying. 

The sculpt is nice, and gives the figure texture it would otherwise not have. With the lack of shading though, his face looks somewhat flat in places. His eyebrow looks more comic-book-y than the rest of him imo as well. 


Use of different shades of grey help make him stand out. It’s nice to see this detail here. 


Looks OK, not much to say about this angle.


Looking at this photo… his hair does rather look like a brown orange XD. Can see a little bit of silver slop – this is the kind of thing to look out for when buying these figures. His arm looks a bit.. bouldery. 

Overall, I think it’s an OK figure. If you like it, it’s a nice figure, but I think it’s a bit 50-50. It also depends if you like this Cyborg design. I mostly bought it because it was Cyborg and reasonably priced, with the discount. 

Metals Die Cast figures – 2.5″

Went into a local comic book shop recently, and came across these Metals Die Cast figures. I had seen some of them online recently, but this was my first time in the wild. He was doing a discount if you bought 3, so I chose four, then deliberated over another two. 

So here are my picks! Plus the first time I was using a different lens on the camera, so enjoy the higher res photography for these smaller figures

First up, Harley. Because, yes Harley :P:

There were three, and apparently I went for this one. They all had their paint flaws, but I ended up with Miss Melty Top. The fact she has eyeshadow is nice though, and the writing came out clean. 


The texture ended up a bit rough on the hair for Harley – should imagine it’s the complex shapes that didn’t quite work for it. The gold text on her back is nice though. 

Variant Harley:

I do like these colours – does give her a bit more of a sinister vibe. Didn’t notice when I was buying it, but in this photo you can see where they tried to hide an error when painting the upper half of her top. Oops. 

Next up, Poison Ivy. Here she is in her traditional colours:

I think these ones ended up with a better paint job than the Suicide Squad ones. Lovely contrast of colours.

Her back:

Ah, erm… but apparently come with the downside where the CE logo has been put prominently on the back of their heads. Her hair is a nice vibrant colour though. 

¾ view:

Short and slightly stocky. Bit of interesting green coming out of her armpit there.

New 52 Poison Ivy:

Can’t say I’m a fan of the New 52 design, but this figure turned out well. The colours complement each other well for me, and is more striking than the other pictures I’ve seen of her. Better than the DC figure I saw… 

¾ view:

Her tattoos on her face came out well. Some slop on the green paint, but these are dinky figures on a budget. 


Lovely bright, vivid orange… just.. logo. 

And thirdly, Catwoman:

I think the Catwoman figures have been painted the best, and were two of the easiest picks. The paints are lovely and shiny, and she feels very much “Catwoman”.

¾ view:



Is Catwoman now selling out? Nope, just being safe! The paint on her buckle is crisp and clean. 

Lastly, purple Catwoman:

This was one I was considering importing, because, hey, purple AND Catwoman! She’s mostly well-painted, but they’ve added a mould for her zipper pull, but didn’t paint it. Same on the one above, but I find int more noticeable. 


Same ol’ CE logo, but less shiny on her head. Silver also missed a bit on the buckle, sadly. Ah well, I’ll just admire her butt instead…

Overall, I’m impressed with these figures. They’re not super-well painted, so if you have the option to go to the shops to buy these, I’d strongly recommend it, so you can pick out the one with the best paint job. Store I went to had one case of each, so mostly I was stuck with the choice of one figure of each type, but I don’t think I did too badly. The Metals ranges seem to be decently priced, which is a surprise for a UK collector. Once they’re in more shops, I’ll probably end up getting more of the range (I think they’re only just coming into UK shops). 

And as a bonus Harley Quin LED Lite:

I got this at Christmas, but forgot to include it in the Christmas blogs. Love the bright, vibrant colours, and the quality of Lego’s printing. I’ll probably end up just displaying her instead of using her as a keyring.