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Cyborg – Justice League (2017) – Kotobukiya

This figure I found was for sale at one of Mandarake stores I planned to visit, so put it on my “to buy list”.

And then bought it:

Whilst the film was a pile of poop (watched it on the plane), I quite like the design of Cyborg. Not convinced it rivals his comic book look, but I like it on its own merits. What I like about it: the red accents, the wires near his chin, and a couple of other details on his upper half. What I don’t like: The midriff feels overly fussy, his legs feel too “robot”. 


His face is nicely sculpted and painted, and I think Kotobukiya did a good job of this. The metal part fits well. His hair, however, looks rather on the painted-on side, which spoils it a bit. I really like his upper chest with the angular parts, red glow and wires. Love the show-of-strength pose. 


The base is magnetic, so he sticks well to it. I like the logo, but the base being thing looks like more like a cheap coaster than a base for a figure. Wish they went for the thicker style the other western Kotobukiya figures came on. 


The pose doesn’t feel overdone from this angle, which I  like. The sculptwork is really nice and looks good from this angle.


The expression fits the pose from this side, but the hair being a bit shiny looks odd. ‘tis my main niggle with this figure. The shading on the metal parts is really nice and give it a lifelike feel. 


I really like the design of the back, and think it works better than the front… but that’s more DC’s fault. The fin effect is a lot less fussy than the randomness on the front, and the metal places help accent it. The shielding on the spine looks really good to me:

Here we can also see the number of paint effects going on, on the metal parts of the figure. I think they did a really good job with that. 

Overall, I think if you like this figure mostly relies on if you like DC’s design. Apart from the hair, I think Kotobukiya did a good job of recreating Cyborg in figure form, and am glad to have him, even though the film is poop. 

DC, stop making crap movies kkthx!

Joker, Harley, Cyborg & Mr Freeze – Metal Nanofigs

Ended up getting some more Nanofigs from Asda. Not sure quite why I keep doing this… oh yeah – they’re cheap… 

So first up, Joker:

Well-painted, for such a small figure. He has purple boots though… and the shiny jacket might be an acquired taste, 


A little bit of an ear going on, and a very red smile. Hair has some shape to it. 


Bit more definition in the green hair paint on this side. And a sea of shiny purple. Good thing I like shiny purple.


Some details in the sculpt back here. Am happy with this nanofig. 

Next up, how did his ‘partner’ Harley go?

Ah. Hm. Yeah, she didn’t fare so well. Missed paint on her hair, by the bat and the lines aren’t too crisp on the jacket. Not sure what’s going on with the bat, being flesh-coloured… that doesn’t quite work. She has a full face though, unlike some of the nanofigs, which is a nice change. 


Yeah, definitely evidence of some painty mess here.


Seems to be some mess going on with her hip, and her foot seems poorly moulded. Or maybe overpainted. 


Faaail. A number of black marks, and not much attention paid to paint edges. You can’t see the back of the figures, and this one shows it. 


Recognisably Cyborg, but he does have some mutant growths on his shoulders. There isn’t a large amount of detail in the paintwork, but what’s there has largely been done neatly. 


A sea of silver. Think some definition has been lost in the legs from the thick paint apps, but probably better this than seeing through the paint. 


Head paint has been done well, rest of it is what it is, lol.


Yeah, looking decent back here, no real complaints. 

Overall, he’s pretty decent, but does suffer from the lack of paint details these figures have. 

Lastly, Mr Freeze:

Mr Melty Face! His head looks distinctly mutant, like they couldn’t decide if it was his helmet or his head. I think it would’ve looked far better if they shortened his skull, so he didn’t have his helmet on. Paint on his left arm looks like a “yeah, that’s about right” job. Rest of the paint, such as it is, looks like it has gone where it was supposed to. 


Not much definition here. Looks OK. 


His glove and boot lack detail in the moulding imo, and look overly plain. 


One large paint gouge here, at his mid-back :(. His left glove looks really good from this angle, with the gun… looks better here than on the front!

Overall, Mr Freeze looks OK, barring that stupid head. Argh. Goggles could’ve done with more work too. 

My favourite out of these is the Joker. Harley is probably the weakest out of this set. For less than £2 each, they’re pretty decent, and better than what you can get out of some pricier blind bags. And you can pick the ones you want! Wouldn’t recommend ordering these off the internet (unless you’ve got good pics of the ones you’re buying) as the paint jobs can vary massively. Did try to pick the better looking ones, where I could. I remember there only being one Mr Freeze though. 

Cyborg – Metals Die-Cast

This is the second thing I picked up in the Toys R Us sale. 

Die-cast Cyborg:

I had three to choose from, and the paint job did differ between the three. One of them had quite sloppy painting with the silver on the cyborg part on his left eye, so I’d recommend inspecting these figures prior to buying. 

The sculpt is nice, and gives the figure texture it would otherwise not have. With the lack of shading though, his face looks somewhat flat in places. His eyebrow looks more comic-book-y than the rest of him imo as well. 


Use of different shades of grey help make him stand out. It’s nice to see this detail here. 


Looks OK, not much to say about this angle.


Looking at this photo… his hair does rather look like a brown orange XD. Can see a little bit of silver slop – this is the kind of thing to look out for when buying these figures. His arm looks a bit.. bouldery. 

Overall, I think it’s an OK figure. If you like it, it’s a nice figure, but I think it’s a bit 50-50. It also depends if you like this Cyborg design. I mostly bought it because it was Cyborg and reasonably priced, with the discount. 

Die-cast Black Widow & Schleich Cyborg

Found the large Black Widow die-cast figure at TK Maxx for only £3, so decided to pick her up:

Still being impressed with these Jada Toys Metals figures. There isn’t any shading, and her face could almost do with some, but the paint is accurately placed, and she has a nice finish. 

Here is her left side:

Bit of a blob here, and an unfortunate seam. 

Right side:

The seam is better done on this side, but still visible. 


Revenge of the CE logo! Screw on her back is a bit of a disappointment. 

Overall, I’m happy with this figure. I don’t think I’d pay the full RRP for it, but was a steal at £3. 

Now for Cyborg:

This is a plastic figure by Schliech that I got from Home Bargains for £2. This was the only one they had, and fortunately it doesn’t appear to have the “last figure in the shop” look. Schliech figures can have very variable paintjobs, though this one is probably largely assisted by being mostly grey. 

His left side:

Not super-detailed, but enough details to be distinctly Cyborg. Blaster seems to have the major details, and it also has this one:

Nice to have the red lens there. Though you can also see the messy paintjob on his head. Had to be at least one paint mess 😛

His back:

Again, enough detail to be distinctly Cyborgh, but not overly detailed. The use of shades of grey paint is nice, and helps it stand out. 

I wouldn’t have paid a lot for this figure, but it’s nice to have a little Cyborg to add to my collection :).