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Kuroyukihime – Accel World – Nendoroid

Normally I don’t buy Nendoroid, but this one is Kuroyukihime so I decided to make an exception based on the subject and the price:

I love this outfit of Kuroyukihime’s and she had her umbrella too, so I couldn’t say no. The figure is painted well, and the shiny butterflies stand out. I also really like the cute, smiling face.

Here she is with Arita in avatar form:

She also has an arm so she can hold Arita in her arms, but I didn’t take a picture of this. I likely won’t display her like that, as she can’t both hold him and her umbrella, and I like the umbrella too much. Arita looks cute and well-painted. I love the fact he is much smaller, as I can imagine him being so in Kuroyukihime’s presence.


Here we can see her hair, which is less detailed from the side, but this is standard for Nendoroids. It is shaded though, so it doesn’t look bad. I didn’t take a shot of the right, as it’s mostly umbrella, or similar to this if I took it out of her hands.


Love her wings. The moulding details help them stand out, and the colours chosen are good. Arita has his tail, which is about all you’d expect from this angle.


The umbrella has some texture to it, which helps show those touches that go into official figures over bootlegs. It helps give it a fabric-y feel. The rim is also painted nicely, which frames it well. The handle for the umbrella is also painted neatly, especially given its small size.

Overall, I really like this Nendoroid and I don’t feel it overdoes the chibi. Some Nendoroids I’m put off by the proportions, but for this one I feel it works. Glad to have another Kuroyukihime in my collection.

Queen of Pain Nendoroid

Ordered this before Christmas, and was supposed to get it between Christmas and New Year. Got half of my order, then a dispatch notice. Waited five working days, and then asked the shop where the other item was at. Turns out the fulfilment centre messed up, and the shop owner managed to rectify the issue. 

So finally, Queen of Pain:


I decided to go with the secondary faceplace, and equip the wings. This character seems to work well with Nendoroid proportions – not familiar with the character herself, but blue demon-y thing? Sign me up! 

One thing I’d say for the front is the cut for the articulation is a bit odd, though I’m not the only one to comment on that. 

Her left side:


Especially with the second faceplate, she seems to be a bit gappy in the hair. I may try to heat this at some point, and see if I can get her to go together fully. Some cute horns though 🙂

Right side:


Her ponytail articulates, which is a nice touch, and is in the lowest position here. 



The shading in her hair is nicely done, and I do like the rings in the hair. Also, copyright of Valve :P. 

Here are the other items she comes with:


The dagger can go into the hand shown, but won’t go smoothly without heat, which is why I didn’t equip it for these shots. You also get a spare joint (yeah, the GSC logo is on it, just not that side). 

Overall, I’m happy with her, as a figure. She came with less accessories than I’d expect for a Nendoroid, but that will matter to me less over time, as I don’t tend to play that much with my figures. One annoying feature is that her arms tend to pop out when you rotate them, and the bottom half of her arm can come off. This leads to you having to push the bits back fully home once you’re done moving stuff. She is cute and well-painted though. I paid about the going rate for her – I don’t think she’s worth any more than that, but she’s probably on the cheaper end for Nendos.