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AG-SYS – Wipeout

And this was the one I was waiting for, before I bought the other, as they’re 2 for £20 at GAME. 

Managed to snag this one prior to the official release date (per GAME’s site). Was just there, chillin’ on the shelf, so I wasn’t leaving without it… and gladly they had the Feisar there too :D.

So here it is:

This ship ha a more interesting design than the other, what with having two distinct “halves”. The paintwork is nicely done, and it also has the weathering effect like the other.


This one has asymmetric paintwork, which is a nice attention to detail. Paintwork looks neat and crisp.


Love the overall shape of this one – a fair bit different from a bog-standard ship design. Also has its designation nicely painted down the middle. I also like the fact they’ve done the windows in transparent plastic, adding to the realism of the figure. 


Some nice detailing in the engine area here.


They’ve actually painted down here on this one, which seems to be a step up from the previous one. Looks like they’ve learned from the last one.

And here are the pair together:

They look great together, and I’d definitely get more Wipeout ships, if they chose to release them. Even if this pair cost me £20… I’m not entirely sure they’re worth that much, but hey, captive audience unfortunately. They know how to pick their franchises! 

Feisar FX350 – Wipeout

This is the first of two Totaku based on ships from the game Wipeout. 


I like the dirty/weathered effect they’ve added, and the details and decals look good for the most part. However, that ladder looks kinda derpy for being painted on. Maybe they should’ve taken the time to mould that a bit at least… 


Ladder on this side actually looks less derpy in this shot, as it seems to have a bit more detailing and not be just black lines… hm… This side is pretty much a clone of the other, and looks good imo.


Hullo. Not much to see here!


Love the shape of these craft, lovely sleek design. 


The vroomy bits! Don’t look very vroomy though. 


Looks a bit like a bike seat! Not too much detail down here, but some at least. 

Overall, I like this figure. The detailing and paintwork is good, and I like the fact it sits on a ball joint, so you can position it at any angle you like. They’re fairly small figures though, and kind of expensive here, at £10 each. I don’t mind too much for these ones, as there isn’t really much Wipeout loot out there, and this one is done decently well.