Sachiel-XX & Chibi Lotus

Now first for a figure I’ve been pondering buying for…. a looong time. Saw it come and go on Mandarake.. saw the price drop on Amazon for awhile, but then it started going back up, so I pulled the trigger and went for it:


Glad to finally have her, she mildly exceeded my expectations, which is good. She also came with two hands – the one with the blue rod through it, and one that matches her right hand. Yep, deffo going for the more exciting one.

Here’s her back:


Mildly shiny :). One wing balances on the support, other one doesn’t quite. Also… butt. That was a surprise butt 😛

And here’s a figure I got some time ago, and forgot to stuff in a blog… li’l chibi Black Lotus. Should’ve been posted in my Kuro-Lotus-a-thon! 


She originally came with a magazine, and frequently is super-expensive. The price I paid was prolly a bit more than she’s really worth, but not gonna be deprivin’ me of food. 


I did heat-treat some of her parts to get ‘em straight, swords looking a little bent in these photos, so may do those some day (not sure if I did originally). She has a bit more detail than I was expecting, and she stands well on her stand. 

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