Mashougun Astaroth

So… this is the first of 8 figures I bought from a seller on MFC. They were doing a giveaway of prize figures (just pay postage), but they had a couple of things for sale that I wanted. So I helped empty their closet…. and will be filling mine! (Watch this space…). 

This figure is one I’ve wanted since its original release. I remember seeing it for preorder, but not really wanting to shell out so much for a figure. Ah, how things have changed… 

So here she is:

Mmm, shiny blue demon! The painting is REALLY nice in this figure, and I adore the posing. And those shiny wings:

Didn’t know that the wings would be shiny, and it adds to the figure. They’re also ribbed on the back:

Here’s a closeup of her face:

The expression matches her pose. This pic also shows off her wing claws 🙂

Here’s another closeup of her upper half, showing her left arm and the tail wrapped over it:

And finally a shot of her back:

Love this figure, when I finally have somewhere to display these figures, she’s going to have a prime location to stand in.