Sheryl Nome

Next up, Sheryl Nome. I saw this figure on Mandarake, and did think about adding her to one of my recent purchases, but decided to go for something else instead. Glad I waited, as I was able to add her to my MFC bonanza. 

For a prize figure, her body is nicely painted, but her hair quality definitely says “prize figure” to me. She took a little bit of heating to slot her waist into her legs. Dunno why, but her outfit appeals to me. 

Here she is from the back:

Again, the hair kinda lets it down a bit. The body has some nice touches – the metal detailing on her tube top/bra, creases in her knickers, sculpting of her back – but the hair colour just doesn’t seem that well blended. 

Here’s a closeup of her back & glasses:

Attention to detail was put into her hand pose. 

Here’s her right side:

And the left:

Some nice attention to detail in the sculpt, though you can see a little bit of a gap where she joins in the above pic. Might be able to fix it with a bit more of a shove. 

I don’t think this will be a fave fig, but she is a welcome addition to my collection :). Love the body, shame about the hair imo.