Lily – Vocaloid

This figure I almost requested my husband to buy as one of my Christmas presents… until I found something else I wanted XD. Was attracted to her by the yellow and blue colour scheme.

Mmm, shiny. And what a look she gives, lol. 

A closeup of the face:

Again, the hair is a bit meh with the paint, makes her look a bit sun-faded imo, but the sculpt is better. Here’s a back shot, showing the hair sculpt:

Not much goin’ on on top, but plenty of movement out back. You can also see the stand that holds her leg – was dubious about it at first, but it does make her much solid standing up, so it’s staying. 

Here is her left side:

Lots of wiry details, and a clear shot of the stand. 

And t’other side:

Both her hands are posed well, adding to her pose. I like the way the clothes are on her body, especially with the top being a separate piece. 

My favourite things about this figure are the blue, her belly and her collar. Not sure how I feel about her facial expression, but it does make her stand out.