Kazakiri Hyouka

I don’t know much about this character, but I was captivated by her looks and pose. There isn’t anything ‘critical’ shown, but I think she is more on the NSFW side in pose and coverage imo. So let’s start will a less direct shot of her:

In some ways, her face reminds me of my own, but my coworkers may disagree (um, do you? :P)

, especially as I haven’t worn glasses in many years . I definitely don’t have that sidetail though!

A more front-on shot, showing her pose and belly more:

I love the colours of her clothes – the back and canary yellow work well together. 

Here’s her back:

Hair is pretty simple, but does the job. 

I like this figure. It’s fairly simple in its way, but there’s something that captivates me. Part of it is her expression and pose, though.