Saber Swimsuit

Today’s figure is Saber by Wave. No figure collection is complete without a few different Sabers, after all.

This one was packaged with her standing on the base – no assembly required. She has a nice-looking belly, and the ribbons give her a good “finish” of a figure that could’ve been quite plain. 

Here’s a more side-on view, showing one of the bows:

Nicely sculped and painted. I feel as if she could risk being a bit happier though!

Here’s a side shot showing off her hair:

And one from the back to show the bow more clearly:

Nicely coordinated with her side bows :). Unusually for a Wave figure, she actually comes with a second hair choice:

Side view:

I like this hairpiece, but I prefer the more “Saber” one. I feel it fits better, and I like the coordinating bows. 

The paint shading is very nice in this figure, and the blue bows really pulls her together as a figure. Don’t have any major complaints with her, she could be a bit more smiley, but that’s kinda Saber’s thing.