Pajama Time Rei & Asuka

This is the last part of the MFC loot. And it had to be Evangelion :P.

Here they are both together:


These figures can be stood up as shown – there’s a foldout stand on the back – or hung up like pictures. Or laid down flat, if that’s how you roll. Currently considering mounting these on a wall somewhere.

First up, a closer look at Rei:


I love the weird, transparent clothing. One nice feature of it is that it does let you see more of the figure. Can’t imagine translucent nightwear irl would be made of anything comfortable enough to sleep in… I also like the wing pattern behind these figures – gives you the feeling that they’re dreaming, as well as being something related to Evangelion. Just a shame the frames are so plasticky. 

Here’s a closeup on Rei:


Rei’s well-posed, but the paint definitely lack detail, largely owing to these being prize figures. For a prize figure, I’d be happy with this prize though. 

Now onto Asuka:


Less transparency going on here, but with Asuka’s hair, there’s more detail to look at. I’d prefer her nightwear to match her flavour of red than pink, but that’s a minor gripe. Like with Rei, she has wings, but hers are less noticeable at first. 

Closeup on Asuka:


And a closeup on her face:


Yep, she seems happy and comfortable. 

I feel these two an interesting add to my collection. The frames are glow-in-the-dark, hence the kinda cheap look. Did look into whether they’re easily removable if I decided to change them, but the answer was no. Personally I’d prefer the bed “window” to be a bit clearer, to make the wings stand out more – in Asuka’s case, I think the artwork went a little too dark, which doesn’t help them stand out. 

If you’re short on shelves, these are a pair designed for your wall :).