Tandem Twin – MOMO

This figure I was thinking on and off about buying, but pulled the trigger as I was buying the other items from the seller. She’s an original character, so isn’t in any anime or the like. So here she is:


She’s cute-looking and quite tall. She’s listed on MFC at 29cm tall, and I’d agree with that. I like her cute halter top, and her pose feels natural. The body paint is not the best imo, but I think it may have partly suffered with time. The body texture appearance is on the plasticy, unreal side though. Most of the painting is well done though. 

Here’s a side shot, showing more of her face:


Yeah, I’m lookin’ at you. From the front-angle she’s giving a smile, this angle looks like she’s aiming to be sassy, lol. I like the way they’ve put wrinkles in her clothes, to give them a more natural appearance. With her arm, you can “feel” the way she twisted into her pose. 

A closeup of her face:


Yep, definitely smiling. Nice detailing on the eyes, and the way the top hangs. 

Here is her back:


Her tail has plenty of shading on, and the creases are also present on the back. Her hair colouring has also been done strikingly from the back – this is definitely a figure that’s been designed to be looked at from both the front and the back – a feature I appreciate, even if I don’t use it all that often!

I like this figure, but feel the skin paint lets it down a bit. I don’t have another figure to compare it to, but feel like the shades may have separated over time, however, this isn’t the only issue with skin painting imo. 

The cast-off part is quite a large portion of the figure, which is nice, as it means the seams fall along natural seam lines:


Some OK-looking nipples, and a top that goes underneath her boobs. At first, I thought this was the first top pushed down, but it’s a different top entirely on closer inspection. She also has a different neck decoration. The paint is less orangey on this piece, which is why I suspect the other part may have deteriorated to some extent, but it’s still sort-of shiny and not as skin-like as other figures I own. 

The back of the cast-off part:


Fairly similar to the other one, but the neck is different, owing to the other neckpiece, and the back of the top is different too. 

Here’s what the cast-off piece looks like when she’s assembled:


And a closeup of her front:


The nipples I find a bit too stark, but I think it’s still a decent option. It did take me awhile to decide which piece to display her with for the time being – have settled on the non-castoff, but I may switch her in future. 


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