Kaworu Nagsia

This was one of two figures I got as Christmas presents. This one I ended up ordering and having a sneak preview prior to Christmas.

And now I can finally appreciate him fully:

I love the shiny plugsuit, and the blue colour of it. Due to this and his pose, this figure is quite striking. 

Here is a close-up of his face:

Not much shading on his face, but it is nicely sculpted, and has good definition. 

Side of Kaworu:

Is a very arched pose, and he’s a very thin and tall chap :). Can also see where his hip bones jut out slightly, due to his slight build. 

The back of Kaworu:

Featuring one of his best features ;). He has a very shapely backside, so he might have to go in a mirrored cabinet, lol. The backpack is also nicely done. A decent amount of detail back here. 

I do love this figure – the colour and the pose really make it for me. He’s a figure I’m likely to pick up and appreciate, so I’m glad I asked for this for Christmas :).