Toy’s Works Collection – Accel World

This set of figures I came across on Suruga-ya, and had to buy. There are two Toy’s Works sets for Accel World, but the other one was more expensive, and this one I actually wanted more, as it has characters I don’t have in figure form. 

Let’s start with Ash Roller, stalking into battle:

The paintwork is pretty decent on these, Love the red and yellow flames.

Here’s a second Ash Roller, who is supposed to be giving a thumbs-up:

His thumb is pointing towards the camera, as I accidentally had his arm tilted down a bit. 

Side shot showing the flame pattern on his leg, and white-flame skull:


Nice pair of Ash Roller figures. Wish this guy had a scale/prize figure, especially as he’s one of the iconic characters. 

Now for Ash Roller’s nemesis/friend, without wings:

The shiny silver paint has been done really well, and all the armour details seem to be there. Lovely, cute figure.

And here he is with his wings deployed:

Love the flying sideways pose. And his visor is shiny enough to see me in it :P. Love this figure too. 

Lastly, Cyan Pile:

Looking menacing with his pile driver. Here’s the side of it:

And his other side:

And his back:

Nice fan detail on the back of his driver, plus lots of little details in his armour.

These small figures are very nicely done. Really glad I got these, the quality of these is good, which is great for a series that doesn’t really get a lot of figures for most of its characters (wouldn’t expect the cameos to get them, but nothing for Ash Roller? Pfft). They aren’t what I’d class as poseable (mostly just head movement), but I don’t think they really need to be, as the poses are pretty cool.