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Silver Crow – Accel World – Be@rbrick

Here is a Be@rbrick of Silver Crow:

Hi me! When I went to buy this, I had to ask at the counter for it – turns out they had just about every other Be@rbrick on display, but not this one, despite having three or more in the drawer… He was one of the specific items I was after, so was glad to get him. 

Love the shiny visor they’ve given him, and the Silver Crow design has translated reasonably well to Be@rbrick form. The lines are nice and crisp, and the design has many key features to make it recognisably Silver Crow. No wings though. 


Here we see his “power” gauntlets, and the twiddly design bits on his arm. And he’s not quite as slender as Silver Crow himself! Some nice linework gives his helmet a techno feel.


Same design here, as the left. Still definitely bear-shaped instead of Crow-shaped, but that is to be expected.


Here we have a bit of a spine decoration, and the plates where his wings would protrude from, should he deploy them. Be@rbrick isn’t in the habit of giving accessories to their bears, so this design choice makes sense. He has some detailing on the back of his legs and head, to finish off his design.

Overall, I’m happy with this Be@rbrick, especially as he was decently cheap. I feel the design was translated well, especially given the very different body types – it’s still very much recognisable as Silver Crow imo, whilst fitting to the Be@rbrick shape. A nice bit of small merch to add to the Accel World collection. 

Figure Spotlight: Figma Silver Crow

To complete the three “larger” Silver Crow figures that exist, here is Figma Silver Crow:

He has an extra-tall stand, which is great for displaying him. I love the lithe body on this silver crow, and Figma excel at the thinner body types imo. His wings look nice too, but I’ve always had a problem with one wing getting it to stay in good places, and it has always had a habit of dropping down. The second one has got a bit worse over time. It’s a bit of a shame, because he looks really good with his wings posed properly, but if he’s statically placed, you can use some putty to support the wings in place. Here, I managed to get them to stay in the positions shown. 

Left side:

Looks good. His knee joints are rather visible, which will likely put some people off. 

Right side:

Here it seems I went for a non-charged gauntlet… showing his other forearm accessory choice. Both look good. 


Some nice scuplting on his upper back. Here you can see the pegs which have the hinge in, for the wings. The weight of the wings has a tendency to pull them down. Might be possible to add a layer of polish on the pegs, to prevent them slipping down. There are some metal covers which partially hide the hinges. 

Close-up of a wing:

Nice and silvery :). Only downside of these is seeing the S. H. Figurarts and admiring the effect they achieved on those. 

There are some transparent “charge” effects you can put on his arms, but these kept falling off All. The. Time. so they went back into storage, and I couldn’t be bothered with the fiddling to get them back onto his arms for the photo shoot.. sorry. Definitely one of the downsides to this figure. Overall, the base figure is very nice though, and I would recommend this one for anyone who wants a Silver Crow figure. 

Silver Crow – S. H Figuarts

So… more Crow! This time we have the S. H. Figuarts version, so not much assembly here!

He’s noticeably darker than all the other Silver Crow figures I have. His wings are set into a transparent layer of plastic though, which can give them a “floating plate” look from certain angles. I really dig this effect. 

Close-up of one of those wings:

Here you can see the shininess from the plastic coat on the wing. Also you can see the joint mechanism – this articulates well, and is definitely one of the strengths of this figure. 

Left side:

Here you can see the “floating plate” look. Yeah, I didn’t do good in posing this for the photo shoot… his hand is looking a bit broken :P. The details on his arms are good, and he looks streamlined from the side. No complaints here.

Right side:

Here we can see the “charged” arm piece. Looks OK from this distance, but looks a bit “cheapy” close-up. He has a hand replacement for the “full” blast, but I wasn’t a big fan of that, so have left his “chopping”  hand on. 


Back details are OK. Nothing much to comment on here. Stand goes in firmly, and holds him well. 

Close-up of the arm blast:

A little bit messy in the middle, and the blue semintranslucent stuff looks a bit iffy. 

“Charged” arm on the other side:

Grasping hand looks good, and this forearm looks better than the other imo. But I’m a sucker for the charge effect. 

Overall, I like him, but wish he were paler like the other figures. His midriff looks a little odd-shaped, and could’ve done with better matching in the sculpt with the other bits, but suspect this may’ve been done to assist with articulation. If I could have his wings on another Silver Crow, I’d really like that. If you like his appearance, I can recommend this figure, but I don’t think his overall look is nicer than the others. 

Silver Crow – Bandai Figure Rise 6 Model Kit

I ordered this from Suruga-ya… then found I could’ve got it cheaper on Mandarake. Not sure if it was in stock when I first looked. However, I got this for around the same price as the Black Lotus kit, so I don’t feel like I overpaid. 

Here’s the completed Crow:

I do like the look of this Silver Crow. The silver stickers also worked better than I expected, which is a nice touch. The wings do have some plastic flaws in them from the moulding process though. 

Close-up of his face:

His mask is almost a bit too see-through, so you can see he doesn’t have a face. The green bits on his shoulders are stickers, along with anything silver. 


Though viewing his mask from the side is pretty cool – does look like there’s a head in there from this distance. The wings aren’t poseable sadly, so they’re stuck at this angle, if you equip them. There is the option to display him without them, though, if you prefer. I think the angle is a good choice, so not overly bothered by the lack of movement within the wings. 


Here I have the blast arm parts equipped – I think these look good. The upper arm needs to be specially constructed, but the lower part simply fits onto her hand. 

From the back:

His back looks good, but his wings… have plastic-saving holes. Would’ve been nice if this part was flat, or had a part to clip onto the back of the wings to cover it up. 

Here’s Silver Crow’s arm in combat mode, without the blast: 

Looks pretty cool and bulky. 

Close-up of the arm with the blast:

The blast replaces the “forked” parts of the bracer. 

Overall, I’m pleased with the result of this kit. He’s decently poseable, but the clip part that allows him to stand on the stand could do with being a fraction taller – he just about stands with this, but it’s a bit of a squeeze. If you don’t want him standing, then you have a few more options I feel. 

Toy’s Works Collection – Accel World

This set of figures I came across on Suruga-ya, and had to buy. There are two Toy’s Works sets for Accel World, but the other one was more expensive, and this one I actually wanted more, as it has characters I don’t have in figure form. 

Let’s start with Ash Roller, stalking into battle:

The paintwork is pretty decent on these, Love the red and yellow flames.

Here’s a second Ash Roller, who is supposed to be giving a thumbs-up:

His thumb is pointing towards the camera, as I accidentally had his arm tilted down a bit. 

Side shot showing the flame pattern on his leg, and white-flame skull:


Nice pair of Ash Roller figures. Wish this guy had a scale/prize figure, especially as he’s one of the iconic characters. 

Now for Ash Roller’s nemesis/friend, without wings:

The shiny silver paint has been done really well, and all the armour details seem to be there. Lovely, cute figure.

And here he is with his wings deployed:

Love the flying sideways pose. And his visor is shiny enough to see me in it :P. Love this figure too. 

Lastly, Cyan Pile:

Looking menacing with his pile driver. Here’s the side of it:

And his other side:

And his back:

Nice fan detail on the back of his driver, plus lots of little details in his armour.

These small figures are very nicely done. Really glad I got these, the quality of these is good, which is great for a series that doesn’t really get a lot of figures for most of its characters (wouldn’t expect the cameos to get them, but nothing for Ash Roller? Pfft). They aren’t what I’d class as poseable (mostly just head movement), but I don’t think they really need to be, as the poses are pretty cool.